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Rollerblade TEMPEST 110
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High quality and cutting edge components combined to create the best skating experience possible

Anatomical fit with a secure closure reinforces heel lock and support to ensure optimal power transfer during training sessions.

Sizes: 24.0-31.5 - black/red
$ 419.99


Discover the technologies used on this product

  • Wheels

    Hydrogen 4x110 / 85A, made in USA
  • Shell/Upper

    Tempest Carbon Fiber, Asymmetrical
  • Liner

    Precision 5 Star Fit, Precision footbed
  • Frame

    Extruded Alu 4x110, 13.30” (338 mm), racing axles, laterally adjustable (brake in the box)
  • Closure

    Performance lacing system, Micro Adjustable 45° buckle,
  • Bearings

    Twincam ILQ - 9 Classic Plus


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