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Ariel Surun

Athlete- Freeride / Street

Ariel is from the Bronx, New York. NYC is one of the birthplaces of urban and street style skating. Ariel has been a part of the influential NYC scene since he was a kid. No one shreds the mean streets of NYC like Ariel. Ariel enjoys all kinds of skating. His favorite skates are the Rollerblade® Metroblade and Solo Team Skates depending on what he is skating.

Age: 37
Current Skate Setup:  Metroblade, 3x110 Rollerblade Frame, Hydrogen 110’s
Birth Place:  Dominican Republic
Currently Living In:  Bronx,New York

Places to Skate:
-New York City
-Puerto Rico

Music Tracks:
-Biggie Smalls

-Kendrick Lamar
-Dusty Brown

Rollerblade® Skates:


Inspiring Athletes:
-Derek Jeter

-Jon Julio
-Dustin Latimer

Best Memories in Skating:
-Hanging out with Chris Edwards for a whole summer in an RV

-Going to Pow Wow with the team
-Bombing Hills in Northern California

Maintaining Good Health:
-Skate a lot

-Gym and more skating
-Snowboarding + surfing

Spare Time:
-If is winter and snowing - snowboarding

-Making art
-Going surfing

This Year I’m Looking Forward To:
-NYC Inline Marathon

-Boshi Pope comp
-Getting married

Shout Outs:
-My Mom

-Dave and Joey



Instagram: @arielsurun