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Coco Sanchez

Street Athlete

Coco grew up in Atlanta, Georgia among some of the greatest street skaters of all time. Her style reflects the hours of skating and pursuit of clean style. Currently she resides in Long Beach, California where she loves to shred the local concrete skate parks. Coco also enjoys all types of skating.  Her quiver of skates includes Rollerblade® Metroblades, Macroblade 84s, and Solo Team skates.

Age: 25
Current Skate Setup:  Solo team skate, Intuition liners, Blank® frames, Hydrogen wheels, Bones bearings
Birth Place:  San Francisco, California, USA
Currently Living In:  Long Beach, California, USA

Places to Skate:
-Vans skatepark
-San Diego schools

Music Tracks:
-Travis scott

Rollerblade® Skates:
-solo troopers
-solo team skates

Inspiring Athletes:
-Anyone shredding over the age of 40

Best Memories in Skating:
-Alita Battle Angel
-RB pro team
-first 900

Maintaining Good Health:
- Read and research the ingredients you intake
- find a fun way to exercise.. wink** skate
-Sleep off your hard work

Spare Time:
-I don't like spare time
-read, learn
-Kung Fu

This Year I’m Looking Forward To:

Shout Outs:
- RB team
- Garden of Life
- Tom Hyser