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Danny Aldridge

Urban Athlete & Video Host

Danny Aldridge is a recent addition to the Rollerblade® team. Danny was born in Chichester, England. Now he resides in Barcelona, Spain. He loves to skate through this beautiful Mediterranean city on his Metroblades equipped with Hydrogen Supreme 80mm wheels.

Places to skate:
- Barcelona; Spain (All of it)
- Base skatepark in the UK, when I am there
- Amsterdam

Music Tracks:
- Motown classics
- Bob Marley
- J Cole

Rollerblade® Skates:
- Rollerblade® Metroblade
- Rollerblade® RB 80 Pro
- Rollerblade® Twister X

Inspiring Athletes:
- Kelly Holmes (Olympic runner)
- Neil Danns (1986 British skateboard champ,euro vision finalist and Mentor)
- Nick Lomax (the man) without this man I would not be doing what i am doing now!

Best Memories from Skating:
- Broke a world record at 11 for most amount of extreme athletes in a halfpipe a one time going round together with: BMX, skateboard, snakeboard. And I was filmed for TV in school because of it.(made me pretty cool at school)
- Did a show for the queen and bill Gates birthday party for Microsoft
- Going places and doing things I thought I would never do.

Maintaining Good Health:
- I Skate everyday at least 10km max 30-40k
- Press ups, sit-ups.
- Eat well and have a positive mental attitude

Spare Time:
- Skating
- Exploring
- Thinking

This Year I'm Looking Forward to:
- Berlin Marathon 
- Barcelona Extreme

- Shows in south of France

Shout Outs:
Everyone at Rollerblade: Greg, Sami and Sven for the opportunity.
The architects that built Barcelona.
The big Homie Nick Lomax.
And My mum.