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Kacie Cleveland


Kacie is a ball of contagious energy! She is the world record holder for skating across the USA. When Kacie decides on a goal, she is going to reach it no matter what. Kacie is now a proud mom and she also owns Kulshan CrossFit gym in Bellingham, Washington. She realized long ago that running is hard on the body and the perfect way to keep herself fit for winning stair climbing races is inline skating on her Rollerblade® Tempest 110 skates.

Age: Kacie Cleveland
Current Skate Setup: Rollerblade Tempest 100s
Birth Place: Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Currently Living In: Bellingham, Washington, USA

Places to Skates
- Highways with big shoulders
- Alki Beach, West Seattle
- Anywhere in Southern California

Music Tracks:
- Anything Celine Dion
- City of New Orleans – Arlo Guthrie
- Catch the Wind - Donovan

Rollerblade® Skates:
- Tempest 100s
- Macroblade 90
- Metroblade GM

Inspiring Athletes:
- Lindsey Vonn (Professional downhill skier) for her passion and drive to never quit
- Joey Mantia (Professional inline and speed skater) for his love of the sport
- Lolo Jones (Professional runner, hurdler, bob sledder) for her honesty through all her struggles

Best Memories in Skating:
- Elementary and Middle School - playing roller hockey with my older brother and his friends (and trying to keep up)
- High School - Skating across San Diego from my grandma’s house to the beach every summer with my best friend and cousin, Ali
- College – Having “wheel parties” where we would skate across town (San Luis Obispo) to Costco so we could eat ice cream bars

Maintaining Good Health:
- Competing in any kind of competition I can find (triathlons, CrossFit, Inline Skating, Cycling, Train races, etc.)
- I started a running club that trains 2x a week and goes to local races every month
- CrossFit 5x/ week, Inline Skating 2x/ week, Running 2x/ week

Spare Time:
- Working out
- Traveling and exploring with my little family
- Drinking champagne while adventuring

This Year I’m Looking Forward To:
- Northshore Inline Marathon
- STP 204 mile bike ride from Seattle to Portland, but I am inline skating it for the 3rd time!
- Sunflower Relay Marathon. This is our gym’s 5th year attending this race and we are bringing 12 teams of 5 with us. It’s also on my birthday, which makes it even more of a celebration!

Shout Outs:
- My mom for always encouraging me to finish whatever I start as strong as I can
- Promax Nutrition for always supporting me and for their tasty gluten free protein bars
- My husband Adam, for supporting me in EVERYTHING I do