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Sean Keane

Athlete- Street

When it comes to stylish street skating Sean Keane is the king. Sean oozes style and creativity on skates. When winter arrives in northern California, Sean likes to shred on his snowboard, it is clear that snowboarding influences his skating and vice versa. Sean lives in Rocklin, California where he works at and enjoys skating all the killer skate parks and street spots. His skate of choice is the Rollerblade® Solo Team skate.

Age: 28
Current skate setup: Rollerblade Solo Team with Blank Frames and 60mm 92a Hydrogen wheels
Birth place: Redwood City, CA
Living in: Sacramento, CA


Places to skate:
- San Francisco
- Arizona


Music tracks:
Currently in my car…
- Tears for Fears
- Kodak Black
- Black Sabbath


(Rollerblade) Skates:
- Solo Team
- Twister 80
- Coyotes


Inspiring athletes/skaters:
- Dustin Latimer
- Eugen Enin
- Scott Blackmore/Harry Abel


Memories because of skating:
- 2004 Jon Julio/Erik Bailey hooking me up with my first pair of free skates
- 2007 There and Back Tour
- 2012 NYC trip with the hometown squad


Ways to stay in shape/healthy:
- Try to always stay active. Beware of the Office desk job.
- Limit yo burger intake.
- Cruising around on bigger free skate wheels. Distance and free skating helps make the leg muscles and joints feel nice and fluid.


Ways to spend spare time
- River in the summer
- Snowboard in the Winter
- Family/Girlfriend


Most looking forward this year
- Annual Camp/skate trip with my best buds
- Filming more
- Finding new spots


Shout out to
- Roller Warehouse
- Mom and Dad