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Yann Guyader

Speed Team Athlete

Rollerblade Speed Team 2017 – Yann Guyader

“My experience will be helpful to make the right decisions!”



Name: Yann

Surname: Guyader

Nickname: Guyi

Living city and country: Nervesa della Battaglia, Italy

Date and place of birth: July 24th, 1984

Nationality: French


Weight: 66kgs

Height: 174cm

Speed skater since: 1992

Club: MSC

Motto: It’s all about vision

Best place(s) to train: Bogota, Colombia



Main results

At an international level

World championships: 4 times World champion
European championships: 16 times European champion

In marathons (French, Swiss, German, World Cups)
4 times World Inline Cup overall winner
2 times Swiss Inline Cup overall winner
French Inline Cup overall winner
German Inline Cup overall winner

59 marathon victories




What does it mean for you to join the Rollerblade® Speed Team?

Being part of the Rollerblade® Speed Team means promoting the brand I work for from Monday to Friday at their headquarters in Italy. Besides that, it also means that we succeeded in relaunching the team after it was on hold for a while. I retired few years back and only raced time to time since then, so the main challenge is to give a hand to my young mates and try to guide them to the victory lane.


What are your main goals for this coming season?
As I said before, I’m not pursuing any personal goal anymore. I guess I reached them all and so I’m more focused on helping my mates. I wasn’t really supposed to be part of it but when I got offered the challenge I did not think twice.


What are your strong and weak points?
My weakest point is my age without any doubt since I’m turning 33, on the other hand my experience is helpful to save energy and make the right decisions throughout the races.


What do you know about your teammates?
I know them quite well since I followed them all over the last few years. Of course I know Guillaume de Mallevoue very well. He was my roommate during my last World championship. I also know Quentin Giraudeau very well, since I trained with every day for a couple of years.