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Meet Amanda Russell

Former Competitive Runner Finds Success with Inline Skating Workouts

Say Hi to Amanda!
Rollerblade® is thrilled to introduce you to Amanda Russell of AR Workouts who will be sharing the latest fitness tips and inline skate workouts for you to try.
A former Division I runner with the Olympics in her sights, Amanda suffered a debilitating injury that that threatened to leave her unable to even walk normally again.  
With this devastating news, not only did she mourn the loss of her greatest passion but, as an athlete and a woman; but worried how she was ever going to be fit and active again.    Until, during her rehab at a visit to her parents, she stumbled upon her old pair of inline skates.
After taking them out for a careful, tentative first spin, she began to calculate how the benefits of skating (which included an absence of the jarring impact of other activities) could help her rehabilitate.
Beginning with even-paced skating workouts ranging from 20 minutes and working up to 60 minutes, Amanda soon found herself becoming a stronger skater, enjoying it, even longing for the next workout. She loved the fresh air, the constant change of scenery, the feeling of using all her muscles and the endorphin high she would get at the end. She accessed all of the training knowledge and workouts she had acquired as a runner and started adapting them into inline skating workouts.
Soon enough she was doing interval workouts, hill workouts, mile repeats, fartleks, sprints, tempo workouts and more. So pleased with the fitness and aesthetic results that her skating workouts were delivering, she created a complete program that not only allowed her to return to running, but that she has incorporated into her regular fitness routine.
Starting May 27th, Amanda will have regular postings of her workouts to share.   
Stay tuned!