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80 Millimeter – Freeskate in Capetown

Rollerblade® presents 80 millimeter – Freeskate in Capetown

80 millimeter; the preferred wheelsize for inline skater Timmy van Rixtel and partner in crime Niels Groenendijk. They have impressed a lot of people with their CityExplorer episodes and are back with a new concept. 80 millimeter travels the globe and connects with local skaters in their hometown and their urban playground. On their Rollerblade® Twisters they cruise through narrow streets, suburbs and the city centre of different cities. While hooking up with local talent every skateable gem will have a visit from the 80mm riders.


In this first episode they visit Capetown South Africa. Cruising through townships, flowing over the boulevard and chilling with the wild animals. South Africa has it all. Teaming up with skaters as Reagen Davids, Chriw van de Merwe, Earl and Carla Abrahams they made sure they had a good time. Take a good look at this video and enjoy the impressive shots. Big thanks to Shandy Beats who takes care of all the 80 millimeter music.

Reagen Davids
Timmy v. Rixtel
Chris Van der Merwe
Earl Abrahams
Carla Abrahams

Niels Groenendijk, Axel v. Dijk

Thumbnail pic:
Axel v. Dijk
Niels Groenendijk
Niels Groenendijk
Randy Abels

Shandy Beats