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#GmDiaries - Episode two

After the 1st episode in North America I spent 2 weeks in Lima, Panama City and Mexico City for the second episode of the #GmDiaries (Latin America). Follow me in another amazing part of this world tour and next time you go on a trip don’t forget to take your skates with you!

Many thanks to: Sebastian Galdoss & Alvaro Galdos, Maria Pia ,Mario Wissar , Pedro Buleje, M Bryan Mac Bride,Walter Antinori, Francisco Calderon, Giacomo Lezameta Tejero, Rocio Villugas, Ruben Navarro, Josue Jimenez, David Cano, Hernando Armella, Vanessa Vargas, Miguel Franco, Kathy Samores, Moises Chayo, Dulvia Delfin, Monse Tapia, Luisa, Oscar and Diego de Beyond Pro Shop, Sahir de Centro Roller, Luis Fernando Villicaña y Valeria Aranda.

Greg Mirzoyan.


(Next Episode: Asia)

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Rollerblade: @Gorollerblade
Greg Mirzoyan: @GmDiaries


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Cameraman & editor: Ben Brillante