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Paris Metro Stations

Guillaume Le Gentil skating the Paris Metro stations


If you read this title you might think this is about the soon to be released Rollerblade® Metro skate, unfortunately you have to wait for that a bit longer. This video contains the inimitable skills of team member: Guillaume Le Gentil working together with video maker Cavin Brinkman.


Guillaume is a very strong force in the Rollerblade® family and globally known for hin signature style and clean tricks. Coming from Bordeaux France he has been living in Paris for quite a while now. Paris therefore is known for its romantic atmosphere, Eiffel tower and metro system. As a street skater you are always keeping an eye out for a unique spot to perform you tricks. Well 1 plus 1 is: an impressive video shot by Cavin Brinkman. Take a look at this video and read the chat we had with Guillaume Le Gentil about this project and the Blog he just starter for the French scene.


Guillaume thanks for having a chat with me. How are u doing?


Hey Randy, I am fine thanks J


You just dropped this new edit, shredding the metro system of Paris, how did that go?


Actually when I arrived in Paris, one year ago, I met with my friend Cavin. We wanted too film some stuff, but because of the winter weather we were forced to go inside. Since a little kid I wanted to skate the metro spots. So this was the only solution for both of us. We started out without any objective, just skate, film and have fun. After 3 or 4 sessions we realized that we had enough clips to make something cool. We didn’t want to make the banger of the year, but share some good and funny “underground” vibes.



Was it easy to skate in between all the commuters?


Well not really, but it is pretty epic that’s for sure! The first session I was completely excited to skate the metro spot. We met up at 18:30 straight after work, and started a huge station; unfortunately it was just to crowded. We had to travel a lot to get to skateable spots that aren’t too busy. So we have found out the best time is after 21:00! I also hade a fine of €60,- for skating in the metro stops, that was quit a bummer. After that I decided to stop skating these spots, but luckily we already had 4 or 5 good sessions, loads of fun and the clips for an edit.


How did people react seeing you shred this unconventional spots?


People in general were curious and appreciating the show. I never met someone telling my “get out my way” or “stop destroying that bank”. First they are surprised and think that it’s dangerous, and then they understand that everything is under control. When the get comfortable they watch and wait till I finish a trick or line. It is very cool to see and hear people enjoy this kind of urban expression/art. Because the commuters cross the same spot every day, they really appreciate when something new is going down. “It’s incredible what you are doing”. They see me using their everyday habitat in a totally different way: my underground playground!


Very curious Guillaume, and also great content for your own French blog, please tell us about it?


It is for the French Rollerblade® and skate fan. With the Rollerblade® content translated for the French fans. It is mostly because the frenchies are a little bit lazy and have difficulties learning another language than French. So I decided to improve the link with Rollerblade® and all the French skaters: street, freeskate, speed, slalom, fitness … Rollerblade® is a unique and strong brand that is able to talk in each segment of inline skating without putting one aside. From my perspective this is a proof of maturity and I am proud to be in the Rollerblade® family.


What can we expect from the blog?


The blog is for everyone interested in skating; from beginner to professional. Even if you are not a skater (yet) we will post good reads, video’s and amazing stories about people who are doing what they love the most. Rollerblade® is one of the rare brands around the world who make dreams for skaters possible and let you as a skater create and discover amazing videos, interviews and people... It’s all about passion! I am still discovering unbelievable stories when I am translating or creating articles for the blog. Take a look on the last two articles you are going be surprised even if you only like “street skating” and think it’s the only funny way to enjoy skating, believe me!


Thanks for your time and this new edit.

Thanks! Let me give a special thanks to Cavin Brinkman.








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