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Rollerblade 243 ROCKERING FRAME (1PR)


067V1300100 | Sizes: 9.6"/243mm | Colors: BLACK

The 243mm Rockering Frame is ideal for slalom skating, quicker turns or for those who want a rocker option. With a minimalist design and an extruded aluminum frame, this frame provides torsional rigidity and advanced maneuverability. The front and rear axles can provide a flat set up or rocker up 2mm to put the wheels in a rockered set up. Hardware included: (4) racing axles, (4) rockering axles, (4) mounting bolts and a 4mm Allen Key
• THIS FRAME IS FOR - Skaters looking for front and rear rockering axles for versatile set ups.
• ROCKERABLE FRONT & REAR AXLES - allow 2mm change to ride flat or rocker and are printed with arrow indicators for easy confirmation of up or down position.
• 9.6”/243mm extruded aluminum; 165mm mounting, Max wheel size 4x80mm.
• INCLUDES ALL MOUNTING HARDWARE - (4) racing axles, (4) rockering axles, (4) frame mounting bolts.