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Commuting on skates: Nicholas Swan

I am based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. I typically commute to work on my skates.  Additionally, I will often skate to meetings, lunch, or site walkthroughs. Using my skates to commute gives so much freedom to my life. The feeling of cruising the streets or rolling stairs while heading to my office allows me the space I need to stay active and healthy both in a mental and physical capacity.

In this edit I decided to share a quick day of heading to the office and skating to a photoshoot in the evening. I ride the RB Metroblades with 80mm wheels, but I sometimes will switch to the 3WD 110mm frames and wheels for an even smoother experience.

For my photography I am using a Wandrd PRVKE Series backpack, a Canon 5Ds, Canon 24mm tilt shift, and a Canon 24-105mm lens. I mainly photograph architectural or interior spaces on a commercial level. I love all of the unique experiences and travel you get from being a photographer, and I can see myself doing this work for a long time. If you would like to check out some of my work or to just see the image I was editing in the video head over to

Nicholas Swan