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Why I Love Inline Skating / Randy

Randy is a high school teacher who started inline skating in 1994. Randy loves that this sport has no boundaries.  Go out for an easy skate session with the family or hit some street spots with the crew. During the beautiful autumn weather the family often goes out for a cruise; sharing the love for moving freely on skates.

Why I Love Inline Skating... Portraits from 2020. Part 1 of 8 2020 has been a year like no other. COVID-19 put strict limitations on movement and opportunities. Social distancing became an instant part of our vocabulary and way of life. Yet inline skating has surged in popularity. We caught up with several inline skaters enjoying their time outside. Some are new to the sport and using it as a substitute for their normal work-out, and others are long-time inline skaters who are glad to see so many skaters around them.