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Rollerblade® Speed Team exceled in the first part of race season

In the last few weeks, the Rollerblade® Speed Team competed in several traditional races and marathons in France, Portugal, Germany and in the Netherlands.

In France at the Trophee des 3 Pistes, Patxi Peula showed how skilled he is at the Gujan-Mestras track where he took the silver in the 1000m. Carlos Arturo Tarazona Ropero and Rafael Heredia Barba helped achieve those results. 


The competitions were held in front of hundreds of spectators - what a show in France! More medals came in Lagos, the beautiful city in Portugal, with Patxi and Carlos always battling at the front of the group. 

The Europa Cup of Gross Gerau is a top event for many reasons. The circuit is fast, the skaters who compete are elite athletes and the races are exciting.  This year, this stage of the Europa Cup was inundated by the rain, which led to some race cancelations.  Both Veronica Luciani and Alicia Delhommais managed to have strong results and come close to medaling. In the men’s category, our guys are showing how to race as a team and bring exhilaration to the races with breakaways. 


The races in the Netherlands are a good challenge as the weather can be tricky and the road tough. The first Reggeborgh Marathon Inline Cup was a 52k race with mainly Oranje skaters, but also Patxi Peula and Carlos Tarazona in the pack. The two skaters managed to take the lead of the pack and win against fast opponents like Alex Cujavante and Gary Hekman. It was a strong showing from our Rollerblade® Speed Team!

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