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Good, better, best… Bearings make a difference

So you found the perfect skate and have enjoyed a full season of skating.  You might find yourself in the situation where you need to replace or upgrade your gear.

The type of bearings you select for your skates will make a difference in speed and energy maximization. Fresh bearings are essential for a smooth, fast roll. Bearings are located inside the wheels and are held in place by a spacer in between the two bearings of each wheel.

Greg Mirzoyan Urban Skater
“I skate the ILQ9 because , in my experience, they are the most versatile bearings out there. Considering that I skate downhill (fast skating), jump a lot (many impacts) and skate at any season (humid and dusty): The best bearing you can think of.”

Rollerblade® skates come in several setups and are equipped with bearings designed for optimal performance depending on skate category. All bearings found in Rollerblade® skates combine a high level of precision, expert engineering, and quality of materials to deliver a fast, long lasting bearing.

SG9 Bearings

The SG9 bearings offer a great roll for every skater. The 7-ball design with a silicone/grease mixture increases speed and decreases friction. The metal shield prevents contamination.

Twincam ILQ-5 bearings

Twincam ILQ-5 bearings are designed for recreational and kids skates. The 7-ball design bearings are high performance and durable. The metal shields protect the bearings from dust and dirt. The Twincam ILQ-5 bearings come in a package of 16.

Twincam ILQ-7 bearings

The Twincam ILQ-7 bearing is a high performance 7-ball bearing.With Nylon retainers and metal shields protectors these are more durable than other bearings. The Japanese made Kyodo grease provides a superior lubricant which minimizes friction for a better roll.  The Twincam ILQ-7 bearings come in a package of 16.

Doucelin Pedicone / Speed Team
"The bearings are really important if you want to perform or just to have fun. In fact, the bearing is a hidden part of the material but a very important part. I expect three things from a bearing :

Performance : This is the biggest criterion, what is his efficiency ? How fast can I go ? How long can I stay without pushing and without losing speed ?
Reliability : If I have two sets of the same bearings, they need to have the same performance. If I randomly take one I want to be sure about the result I will have.
Longevity : The bearings must perform over time. I don't want to change my bearings every week so for me the fact of knowing that my bearings stay with the same efficiency after a long time of use is also really important."

Twincam ILQ Bearings 9 PRO

The Twincam ILQ Bearings 9 PRO are designed for optimal performance using an exclusive 6-ball bearing design. Larger weight loads and less void in the bearing create a smoother spin with the SCRS (S-Channel Rubber Shield) system. The USA made TK racing gel lubricates the bearings for optimal speed. The Twincam ILQ 9 PRO bearings come in a storage box of 16 including premium spacers.

Take a look at our complete line of bearings here.
Make a difference in your skate session and upgrade your wheels. Still need more information? Take a look at our guides & maintenance page or visit a specialized Rollerblade® dealer.