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24Hour roller Le Mans

Rollerblade  3WD at the 24Hour roller Le Mans


“Yann: I would summarise the 3WD as: MORE FUN, MORE SPEED, MORE COMFORT.”


Rollerblade was mains sponsor of the 24Hour roller Le Mans. Le Mans is famous of his 24Hour endurance race with cars. This year 3.000 skaters from all over the world competed in different disciplines. Rollerblade skaters Yann and Martin skated in the duo series. Special for Rollerblade was the introduction of ther 3WD collection. As the originator of the 3WD, in 1997 the off-road skate “The Coyote” hit the market, we know about the advantages of a 3-wheeled skate. Combined with the best wheels on the market “Hydrogen wheels” we know we would ROLL FURTHER.


The main advantages of the 3WD are:

The wheel size is bigger (110mm and 125mm) which translates in less vibration and longer wear and an overall smoother ride.

A shorter wheelbase leads to better manoeuvrability and more control on the skaters movements.

Resulting in a better glide and more speed. The overall efficiency of the energy from the skater to his performance in optimal.

The collection consists of 3 skates. 2 Marathon skates: Powerblade 3WD and Tempest 3WD. The Urban Mobility skate is represented by the Metroblade 3WD. All in a striking and furious black and yellow colour way.


Yann and Martin skated the 3 skates during this endurance race and we want to share their experience with the 3WD skates and the race.

Check out the video.



Q: Yann, Martin was this your first endurance race and how did you prepare?

Martin:  This was not my first endurance race. I prepared myself by skating on all 3WD skates. To stay awake for 24hour, I slept outside in the woods a couple of times, and went to work like “normal” next day. Because of the comfort of the Metroblades I could reload myself while skating on these skates.

Yann: Actually this was the 7th time I skated the 24h of le Mans. Even though I knew how it feels like to skate round the clock, I never attended the race as a duo, which is much harder. Overall, I did not really have the chance to do a proper preparation, which made it harder during the race.


Q: What was your goal for the 24Hour Le Mans?

Yann: The initial goal was to skate on all 3WD skates and finish the race. But since Martin and I are really competitive skaters we really wanted to win it. It started really well and for the first 10 hours we were fighting at the front, but unfortunately we had to withdraw after 11 hours cause of a knee injury. So we did not achieve our goal, which was pretty disappointing.

Martin: My goal was, to enjoy the whole event and be a part of the Rollerblade family for these days in Mans. Sure, I wanted to be high in the final ranking. We skated as planned until the night. Yann and me had some troubles with our feet and knees. We had to rest a little longer than planned, but at the end, we were happy to be a part of the big family and event.


Q: How was it for you to change from 4wheels to our 3WD skates?

Martin: Change and alteration will always happen to skating. I would never change back to 4 Wheels. It’s a much easer to roll on 3wWD Rollerbladeâ skates and its much more comfortable. Lets say, its even more safe. Little stones on the road do not bother anymore. For me, now it is more similar to iceskating; I can glide better and have longer strides.

Yann: I would summarise as: MORE FUN, MORE SPEED, MORE COMFORT. For any advanced skater this is just a dream coming true. You have a better glide because of the bigger wheel, it is easier to cruise, you have better handling because of the shorter wheel base. Which makes it overall a unique skating experience.


Q: You skated all 3 skates, what is your favourite skate?

Martin: My favourite skate is the Powerblade 3WD. I train almost every day on these skates.

Yann: I would say all 3 are just great. Even though I would naturally tend to say that the Powerblade 3WD is my favourite (I’m a speedskater), I really enjoyed them all as they truly are unique and intended to different skating purposes.


Q: If you attend the 24Hour Le Mans next year what skate will you use?

Yann: The plan will be the same: Skate on all 3WD skates and win the race. The only thing we’ll change is the preparation prior to the race and work on a better race strategy.

Martin: I would like to skate with Yann again next year. But we need more trainings together to win the big title. I think, I could skate the whole race on the Powerblade 3WD.


Martin and Yann: Thanks to everybody from Rollerblade. It was a perfect Event for us. We really loved it!







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