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Athens to Atlanta Jorge Botero

I am proud and glad to say that I finished and I did the skate the event Athens to Atlanta 2015. If you are a fit skater and want a challenge this is your race! Be an inspiration to the world and prove to yourself you are strong. My goal was to skate the course of 87.9 miles in under 5 hours.  I was very close to finishing under 5 hours but I mistakenly took a wrong turn with 5 miles to go. In the end I still was able to finish with a solid time of 5 hours 4 minutes. I skated on Macroblade 100’s with Hydrogen wheels. These skates are very comfortable for the extreme long distance.


My tactic was to find a group that was looking to finish around the same time as me, 5 hours.  However, the main group right after mile 25 picked up the speed considerably and I had to let them go as I knew the journey was going to be hard. My rule of thumb is when you skate this long, you can’t not push too hard early on.



Unfortunately there wasn’t really a group at my tempo and the only skater I had to skate with was Hernan Diaz. Hernan and I skated together the first 46miles. After 46 miles, Hernan started getting cramps and I had to skate alone on the rest of the race. At 7 miles to go I caught another skater that came back from the main group. When we got into a sharp turn 5 miles to go we both thought we had made the right move, but a police officer was yelling at us to turn back. Luckily, my wife saw me take the wrong turn and called my phone. At that point I was happy I turned around and got back on course.  With 84 miles on your legs every single hill and every extra mile cost more energy that I can express with words…finally when I arrived I was impressed to hear that I was fourth place overall on this race as a couple of the skaters that were in the main peloton quit.


I am super excited to say I finished Athens to Atlanta (87.9 miles-140Kmts) event in 5 hours and 4 minutes. The best part of it is that my feet felt extraordinary well as I skated on Macroblade 100’s. It is important to have your feel feeling good. This was the longest race that I have done in my life. Regardless of place and the time, I feel like this is one on the best challenges for me as a skater.  I want to thank my wife for supporting me in this event and to my team managers at Rollerblade®…You guys are the best!


Jorge Botero  










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