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Interview Sofi Carreras

Most people over here already know the talented Sofi Carreras. We spoke briefly with this bombshell about last year and perspectives on 2015.

Sofi you just turned 30 years, congrats, could you give us some more insight about your persona?

Hi there! Actually my birthday was yesterday! I am 30 years now! I still cannot get used to this thought! Hahaha I have a 3 at the beginning of my age, is something completely new! Although people still think I am 20 years, hahaha. I am originally from Rosario, is a big city in Argentina. I still have many friends and family in Rosario, I lived there until the age of 22, then I started to travel Europe. I went back and forth and eventually spent 7 summers in Europe. It is such a blast I decided to settle in Barcelona.

Of course I miss my hometown and my friends, but Barcelona is such an amazing city! I have a lot of cool people around me and have so many possibilities to skate around here; I wish Rosario was the same... Parks, skateparks, streets, Barcelona is a city made for sports! If I skate around the city there is always something new to discover. I love to skate around and consume the lovely environment.

Everyone who visits Barcelona, leaves charmed and are already booking their next visit!

You are a good example of living the skating lifestyle. Is that your only dedication? I would love to dedicate just to skating! But I have other passions too. I just finished studying Sports Nutrition and I' am working in a gym as Fitness Coach and Nutrition Advisor. During the summer I am also a swimming coach. My first passion is inline skating, and it is easy to combine with all my other activities. I go to work skating, about 30 km a day. When people ask me: “why do you travel on inline skates?” My answer is pretty clear: “Why not !?” It is ecological, economic and helps me stay in shape! From my perspective you enjoy the city in a different way and you can daily choose a new route. It is the perfect transportation; more people should use their skates!


Skating clearly means a lot to you, how you describe the feeling on your Rollerblade® skates?

For me skating is all about good things and happy feelings. I have so many good memories and friends because of skating and that is just the best feeling. Nowadays skating gives me the opportunity to travel, meet more new people and visit great places. It sort of always has been my escape, of a bad day, a bad mood and any problem. I strapped on my skates and they helped me with my “bad vibes”. The feeling of being completely free on skates is just amazing; everyone who is on skates is familiar with this. Adrenaline, control, speed, joy of improving and able to do things you did not do before! To share it with people who are alike is great! I cannot imagine ever not loving skating. It's addictive! I you are not familiar with this feeling, please try skates as soon as possible.

The feeling you described is the vibe we all have seen in CityExplorer, how was that journey for you?

#CityExplorer was great!!! Thanks to Rollerblade® for letting me be a part of this amazing experience. Definitely my highlight in 2014! Having the opportunity to travel to the different cities, exploring on skates is something crazy! And we did it! We only took skates and a map, in every city! No GPS, no internet! We wanted to Explore, it was the real deal! We spent 10 hours a day skating everywhere! It was great! One of many great memories happened on the terrace of a bar in Marrakech, in a well-known city square. We were chatting and suddenly realised we all come from different places, at this amazing place, surrounded by local people and all because of inline skating; simply amazing. We are so lucky to be part of this! I come from the other side of the globe and suddenly I was there in Marrakech looking at a man playing the flute magically letting a snake dance. Things I had seen on Discovery Chanel! While wearing my skates, it meant the world to me, so very special! I will always remember this adventure!

In a way you became a close team with the CityExplorer guys, you have never met them before this project. How did you experience that?

The guys are great, we laughed so much! Although I was the only girl, we understood each other very well. They always asked my opinion, helped me improve my skating skills and, what i think is the most valuable to me, we were always down for a good skate session. No matter the distance we had to skate, how much bails we had or what temperature it was! I gave them something too; after one trip, I left the guys a sweet message on the mirror, written in lipstick. That conquered their hearts for sure! It was great to have met these awesome skaters and friends. Working together with Niels was great too; He is a great director with even better ideas. I was a pleasure for me to be a part of CityExplorer...I cannot wait to hang with them again!


From all the content we can tell 2014 was a good year for you...

It was not good, it was great! Personally and professionally. 2014 surprised me in many ways, Luckily with good things only It has been a great year in my collaboration with Rollerblade, I got to know the brand and the peple better. I have travelled extensively and I skated a lot. I have written in my notebook so much, all good adventures. I hope this will continue from this day forward.

What are your plans for 2015?

Continue too skate as much as possible of course! But this year I want to make a change: focus a little more on Fitness and back pick speed Skating. My problem is that I like all disciplines of skating !!! From riding 60mm until 110mm wheels .... So I skated all of them! When you do a bit of everything, you're not the best at anything. But I like to try everything!!

Anyway I will try to focus on Fitness skates, wheels 80-100 mm .. To demonstrate how to skate is best to keep in shape! I always tell people, it's never too late to learn. The risks involved depends on the level at which everyone is comfortable in. If you take the proper precautions, there will be no huge problems! You just have to come alive and try it at first!

I also want to keep travelling, with my skates of course. Travelling the globe is one of the best things in life. Discover new places, new people, experience new things. I hope that this year continues to amaze me... Because at the end things that are not planned, are best!!

You are already familiar with the plans of 2015 from Rollerblade®, what do you think of it?

I am really impressed with the new line and collection. I really love the designs and variety in high quality products. They have improved some models very well, like the Twister Pro, the carbon boot of the new Tempest and the new Macroblade. Some minor adjustments make the skates even better. It is also very good to see that the amazing Hydrogen wheels come standard on many models. These wheels are so good and set a new industry standard in my point of view.

I would also love to skate the Berlin Marathon, I will join the Rollerblade® team this year. Which is a big deal to me. The Berlin Marathon is a skating ‘symbol’ to me. It is so famous and people from all over the world travel to Berlin and participate in this race. If you like speed skating is the event to attend! For me it is an honor to attend it. On that note, I have to go out now and train for it... See you soon X






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