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Jorge Botero @ Northshore Inline Marathon

Jorge Botero participated at the Northshore Inline Marathon on September 19th. As a professional athlete, he is always pushing to the edge. For this race he had a goal of finishing under 1 hour and 15 minutes (1:15:00). Jorge shared his experience about the race and the Macroblades 100mm Hydrogen with us.

Jorge made a strategy to obtain his goal. From the start he was part of the main group. They would skate at such a speed he would gain time to finish under 1:15:00. After some time he would “fall back” and join another group and share lead outs, this way Jorge would not blow his engine.

My goal is clear but in the main group Bart Swings and Joey Mantia had theirs: break the record of 57minutes. However they started extremely fast and I had to push myself harder that I was expecting in the early stages of the race. I was able to stay in the main group for five miles, speeds going up to about 36miles an hour, but I had to let them go at a certain point. Due to this intense and fast start of the race I was far ahead of the followers, next to that my stamina and energy was getting lower. For 8 miles Jorge skated on his own, nobody to work with just Jorge, his Marcoblades against the time. “ I was getting worried that I would beat the time”. Finally I regained myself and could stay in a flow with the right tempo throughout the middle part of the race. I than again was more confident to reach my goal. Getting more closer to the end of the race I was caught my a group who was consistently doing lead outs in a pleasant tempo. Happy to say I reached my goal, finishing in 1:14:16 and proud to announce I am the first skater crossing the line of 40years and older

About the skates:
I finished the Duluth Marathon on the Macroblade skates with 100mm Hydrogen wheels. The setup gives me a lot of control and acceleration. I will say that if you are not planning on going faster than 26miles per hour I believe this is the best option. However, once you start going faster than 26miles per hour it is in the best interest to consider upgrading for more specialized Rollerblade speedskate.






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