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On Rollerblade from Asia to Europe

On Rollerblade from Asia to Europe


29-Year-old Yincai Luo from Chengdu China is travelling more than 10.000 KM on his Rollerbladeâ skates. Yincai has done amazing trips in skates before: He skated from China to Tibet in 2011 and he skated from China to Nepal in 2014. It is easy to say he is no stranger to challenging travels on skates. Sven Boekhorst spoke to Yincai in Amsterdam; he had experienced some troubles along the way and needed some help. Of course Sven, who is familiar with travelling around the world on skates for Cityhopper, asked Yincai some questions.


First some facts about his travels:


  • Yincai is skating with a 20kg backpack
  • He got robbed in Lithuania
  • Several tickets and fines for skating on highways
  • Yincai got hit by cars a couple of times, but he’s still fine!
  • 1 Year of preparations, especially getting al the Visas
  • Trip will take 8 months
  • Yinca started on August 26th 2015


Sven: Hi Yincai, good to see you! I have heard about your trip and I am impressed. First of all I am glad to see you are still in one piece! Can you explain how you came up with this idea?

Yincai: It all started with my first skate trip from China to Tibet 4 years ago. It was such a great experience so I started working on skating around the globe. From there it all went down. After I reach the Rollerbladeâ HQ in Italy, I will continue my trip to the USA. I will fly to Chicago and skate along famous route66 toward San Francisco.


Sven: You have travelled on skates before, what are the big differences?

Yincai: I have travelled from China to Tibet and from China to Nepal. On those trips I had help along the way. This time I am alone and that makes is harder for me. The roads to skate on are better now, that is a plus!


Sven: You are in Amsterdam now, and i am happy to help you out. Tell me what happened along the way

Yincai: I have been robbed from my possessions a couple of times, that was very depressing. In Russia I had to skate on the highway, the roads are fine, but on the other hand the trucks use the same road…. When I was approaching Moscow the police stopped me and ordered me to get in; They drove me to Moscow for my own safety.


Sven: Are u using Google maps along the way, or did you plan the trip in advance?

Yincai: It is a mix of both. I did plan my route before hand, I even print out the route. Hardcopy; very old school! But since i am dealing with a lot of stuff along the way i need to sort thing out the same day.


Sven: What gear are you travelling with?

Yincai: the most important is my pair of Rollerbladeâ New Jack skates. I am also an aggressive skater and have always loved the New Jack skate. The skates are equipped with a Maxxum frame and 100mm Hydrogen wheels; A perfect setup for me. With this setup I am still able to cruise through the city and be flexible, and gain a lot of speed when needed! I also carry my 20kg backpack with my: tent, sleeping bag, laptop, cameras and some other stuff. My daily essentials

Sven: So you slept in your tent every night?

Yincai: No, it is a mix of hostels, beautiful outdoor spots in my tent and people i meet during my trip.


Sven: Okay! I don’t want to keep you in Amsterdam too long! What is the schedule from here?

Yincai: The trip will be around 15.000km. From Holland is will be travelling to France, Switzerland and than Venice, Italy. My Goal in Europe is Rollerbladeâ headquarters. I need to be there before January 6th, cause after that my Visa is not valid. After Italy I will fly to Chicago and follow my way on route66 to San Francisco. But for now I am excited to use Holland fine bike roads, I wonder what my top speed will be here!


Rollerblade wishes Yincai the best of luck for his travels. And if you see him crossing your path, feel free to give him some encouraging words, or even better, join him on his road.

Look at his first video in Russia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqD1b4uPhQU






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