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The Collection with: Sven Boekhorst

Sven Boekhorst is one of the world’s most versatile skaters. Being on top of the game since the early 90’s, he knows his way around in the world on wheels. Either shredding the streets on street skates during Cityhopper or cruising full speed together with Greg Mirzoyan in Istanbul, the Dutchman can do it all.


Recently Sven asked for 7 pairs of skates, "The Collection", to use for 7 successive days.  We hooked him up with the following skates, each for a different discipline within the sport. With gear in hand, he went out and got some impressive clips. Sven and Niels Groenendijk skated each skate at a different location and tested their full potential. From this unique perspective, Sven has once again highlighted what it is to be Rollerblade®.


1. Rollerblade Maxxum 100

“ A very intense skate and versatile fitness/recreational skate. Great skate for long distances in an urban environment ”


2. Rollerblade Twister Pro

“ My personal favourite. Light, great fit and the manoeuvrability I am searching for in a skate. Suits my skating perfectly either jumping or bombing through the streets of my hometown ”


3. Rollerblade Powerblade 195

“ The performance skate perfected for your feet. With a heatmoldable boot these skates give you comfort and speed, a lot of speed! ”


4. Rollerblade Metroblade C

“ Great looking skate with optimal response. The Metroblade is really an extension of the body which makes it a skate you need to feel ”


5. Rollerblade Macroblade 84

“ The Macroblade 84 is a smooth skating softboot skate that feels great. Not my first choice but good the have as a backup… “


6. Rollerblade Tempest 100 C

“ With more support above the ankle my favourite marathon skate. A premium skate for premium results “


7. Rollerblade Solo Team

“ In all black colourway and hydrogen street wheels the premium skate for stunts and jumps. They are also perfect for a summer days swim after skating a handrail “


Check out the video and see Sven skating "The Collection". Rollerblade® offers you the best skate for any skate experience you take on.



Skates in order of appearance:

1. Rollerblade Maxxum 100 - Fitness recreational

2. Rollerblade Twister Pro - Urban

3. Rollerblade Powerblade 195 - Marathon

4. Rollerblade metroblade C - Urban

5. Rollerblade Macroblade 84 - Fitness

6. Rollerblade Tempest 100 C – Marathon

7. Rollerblade Solo Team - Street


Video by: Niels Groenendijk






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