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Bassjackers "Rough" videoclip

Sven Boekhorst as a main character in EDM videoclip.


If you are into EDM, and especially big room house you must be familiar with the dutch act: Bassjackers. Bassjacker is formed by Ralph van der Hulst and Marlon Flohr. For their latest release: “Rough” they met up with good friend Sven Boekhorst and searched his video vault for rough images. We spoke with Marlon Flohr about this collaboration.


Marlon thanks for your time, if I am correct you’re in Thailand as we speak, Business or pleasure?

A bit of both actually! Right now we're in the middle of our Asia tour. Just had shows in South-Korea, India, Philippines and China and our next show is in Thailand but here I get a few days to relax at the beach which is super nice.



For your latest release: Rough. You have chosen for rough images from Rollerblade ambassador Sven Boekhorst. How did you guys come up to this concept?

When we were brainstorming for a video for a track called "Rough" we soon went into the direction of extreme sports. Extreme sports are of course pretty rough and the energy of the track would look sick with that kind of footage. Because I used to skate and Sven is one of my old friends we thought it would be cool to put him and rollerblading in the spotlight for this one. 


You guys go way back. I know for a fact you have skated yourself. Is skating an inspiration for this track, or is the opposite?

It was the opposite here. The track was already finished and then we started to look for a theme for the video that would suit the track.



The overall feel of the video is very nice, can you tell us something about the reactions of your fans?

The overall reactions are super positive! Most EDM videos are very similar with show footage and hot girls for example so it’s always refreshing to see something different. Also we noticed that there are quite some skaters among our fan base.


Do you still have time to go out and skate for yourself?

I actually recently tried again when I was meeting up with Sven and I still rock!!!


As a DJ you must be fit and healthy, do u use skating as a way to stay in shape?

Not really because I travel light so no space for skates! Ill try to go more when I am home because last time I went I had a blast! I do exercise a lot though!!!


Thanks for your time Marlon and all the best for the future. One tip try skating more often, it’s one of the best ways to stay in shape!


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