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Cityhopper World customized skate by Angels in Flames

The Cityhopper World video is online and already has quite some views. We already knew it, and some alert viewers also noticed, the unique skates used by Sven. Sven teamed up with female artist Remy Deinum from tattoo studio/art gallery Angels in Flames.

We had a brief chat with this creative mind.


Q.     How long are you working as a tattoo artist?

A.      I am working as a tattoo artist for 19 years now. My background from art school and fashion school helped out a lot. My boyfriend from back in the day was into tattooing. He tried to get me into it, but my passion was more into canvas art and clothing. One day he got me a starters kit for tattooing, in the beginning I was a bit sceptic. I am not a huge fan of needles and blood, but I gave it a go. From there on it went pretty fast and now I am running my own tattoo studio and art gallery in Hoorn called Angels in Flames.


Q.     How did you come up with the design?

A.      I really like the concept of Cityhopper; showcasing your talent around the world, getting people together that share a passion in different fields of expertise. So that is also how I approached the design. I took this same feeling/emotion and worked mostly from the travelling point of view. I worked from the various features of every city they visited: Chinese letters; that say Shanghai. Penguins: symbolic animals for Cape Town. Andreaskruizen (3 crosses): that are used in the weapon of Amsterdam. For Los Angeles, I lived near LA for 2 years, the iconic LA Dodgers logo and the poppy flower. The poppy flower is a unique flower representing the state of California.


As an artist I wanted to combine these with my passion. So I have incorporated classic tattoo images in the design. Like I said travelling is essential for Cityhopper so I used travel related images. Swallows are a symbol for freedom and travelling, they are also a ‘must have’ for sailors who covered over 5.000 sea miles. The Anchor is symbolic for hope and also a timeless classic. The compass is also clear reference giving direction to one who is lost. Finally I have also put in roses for the romantic feel of travelling around the world and doing what you love.


I have really put my essential parts as a tattoo artist together with the unique features of Cityhopper.


Q.     Have you worked on “weird” products before?

A.      To be honest, I have been working on clothing for quite a while now. But I have never tattooed on skates before. I did a flask for Remy Cadier before; with a skate on it. If you see him at Winterclash ask for it! Working on the skate was a first timer, but I have really enjoyed doing it.


Q.     How long have you been working on this piece?

A.      Pffff, more than 24 hours. Sven gave me some skates to practice on. But it was very hard to find the right technique and method. Working with my authentic tattoo machine wasn’t an option, this only works on flesh. So I had to come up with an alternative.  I tried several ideas, because the skate is made from different parts and materials (the cuff is more flexible, for example), the result is different. As an artist I am looking for an aesthetic whole. I finally tried working with a soldering iron, that was perfect. After putting down the lines I was able to fill these with ink and finish it with varnish.


Q.     After Cityhopper World was done filming, Sven came to see you for a real tattoo. How did you experience that?

A.      Axel van Dijk, my boyfriend and filmer/editor for Cityhopper, told me Sven was thinking of this for quite a while. We talked about it and I guess he had enough confidents in me to put a unique tattoo on his underarm. I made 3 designs and 1 he really he loved (heart/compass/dagger/skate design). I think it was the good collaboration of working on the skate that made this too happen. A natural next step from my point of view! Funny thing that happened too: 2 good friends of Sven came by as well and let me tattoo the old school Rollerblade® skate on their body, so Axel joined the party and has it on his leg now as well.








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