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In The World Coco Sanchez

In The World Coco Sanchez
Good looking bladiez are a rare thing. But we can surely say that Coco Sanchez turns some heads. That could be because of those perfectly fitting leggings, but most likely because of her stylish skating and impressive tricks.

Coco you are 23 now, can you tell how you got into skating?
I’ve been on blades since I was 4. I spent most of my time in roller rinks. My older brother Nick got me into aggressive skating. After entering my first contest at the age of 12, I was hooked.

What is most attractive about skating for you?
Meeting people all over the world.

Why are you drawn to aggressive skating so much?
There isn’t a better feeling than shredding a skatepark.

Does this affect you in your everyday life, and can you tell how
If it’s been a hard day, skating can always help defuse the steam.


You have travelled a lot, does this give a certain perspective on life?
Traveling and hearing the stories of others expands your mind where you begin to look at everyday life at a different perspective.

In Europe the amount of bladiez is growing, how is that in the US?
Blading/bladies in the US is definitely growing, although it increases faster in Europe. Women in action sports overall is growing and it’s very exciting!

If you see girls when shredding a park do you easily interact?
I try and approach any girl I see wearing blades, roller-skates, or fitness skates. It’s interesting to see how they got involved themselves. I always try to give them words of encouragement to stick with it!

Do you session with girls or mostly with guys?
I normally session with this one guy; Austen Seaholm. Nobody has ever given me such a boost of inspiration to progress at skating.

You skated the NJ5’s but switched to the Troopers, why are these the most comfortable for you?
Both the troopers and the NJ5s are solid and ever-so light! The troopers have a bigger soleplate which I absolutely love. Makes for some steezy sweatys ; )

Any last words for anyone having doubts about stepping into the game of aggressive skating?
Don’t be intimidated to learn how to skate. Crawling, to the first steps, walking, to running. We all have to start somewhere. And falling is the name of the game. If you aren’t falling, you aren’t learning. Stay Shredding!!






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