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Interview Jeremy Suarez

Jeremy Suarez is a 28 year-old powerhouse in the inline skate scene. He is a very talented street skater, landing the most impressive stunts and lines at every event he attends. Jeremy also demonstrates maximum athleticism skating urban environments around the world, racing marathons, and recreationally cruising. Now it’s time to have a chat with the all-round skater, Jeremy Suarez, from Brussels, Belgium.


Q. Jeremy, you started skating at a very young age. How did you get into skating? 

A. I started skating when I was 7-8 and went to the mythical local skatepark (Anderlecht Rollerpark) with my school class for a Wednesday afternoon activity.


Q. What made skating so attractive to you?

A. The first time I put a pair of “rocket shoes” on my feet it felt amazing, and they were not even mine! We rented them at the skatepark. There were so many young people enjoying, cruising, jumping, sliding, playing hockey all over the place.

I was amazed to see so many people together in that massive skating facility. I decided to go back more often after that moment. I made a lot of new friends! We were just a bunch of kids who were playing hide and seek, “tikkertje”. From that moment on, all my childhood games became games on wheels.


Q. When did you realize you had an extraordinary talent in skating? 

A. I didn’t really realize that I had a “talent”. I just thought about having fun and hanging with my new “family” again and again! After about two years of skating and playing around, we started to push the game. Without knowing, our level went up and I tried everything that was possible: dropping in on all the biggest ramps and trying to reproduce all the moves of the older guys:  Jean-Jean Chanet, Issame Tolba, Enrique Roces.


Q. You started on the vert ramp as a young gun. Do you still skate vert a lot?

A. As I said earlier, the old school generation were skating the biggest ramps, huge half-pipes. So it was basically the next step for my friends and me to skate that sky high big U and try to get the same level as them to have their “respect”, because we were so young! (Around 10 years of age.) From time to time I try to skate vert more often because we don’t really have large half-pipes anymore in Belgium, but we still we did some demos shows with Kevin Marron Lopez during the Belgian summer.

So yes… I still have some skills on the vert ramp!


Q. In the park you know how to get down. Is the park the best place for you to play around?

A. I do prefer parks. For me it’s the place where I can express myself the most, because I grow up in the skatepark. People will say that I’m a park rat. I like flying around, feeling the wood under my wheels, curving, grinding, spinning, flipping or just hanging around with my crew.

But you will also find me in a concrete bowl, at a street spot, in a marathon, or wherever is possible to rock my “rocket shoes”!


Q. This year you have won the FISE in Montpellier. How was that experience?

A. Back in the day I was the only amateur to compete with pros in the vert competition. If I remember correctly it was one of the first FISE contest. So yeah… After 15 years I took first place as a Pro. It’s such a great feeling. I really didn’t expect to win, but it’s a sport where anyone can win if they persevere!


Q.  FISE travels around the globe. Any place you would like to go to with this action sports festival? 

A. I love to travel the world with wheels under my feet: for shows, contests, shooting videos or photos, but for now the next stop over is the FISE China in Chengdu…….Nihao!


Q. We have also seen you travel the globe on your Twister skates for CityExplorer in 2014, and challenge Sofi at the 10K challenges. This must be amazing for you.

A. It was a crazy experience! Went to places that I’ve never been before and maybe will never go back again. As I said before, I love skating. Skating is not just one type or discipline. You can use your skates to cruise around from point A to B. It’s how I’ve learned to skate. It made me travel a lot and always allowed me meet new friends!

I would like to try all kind of disciplines on my skates, from aggressive to speed, slalom to freeskate, hockey to roller disco. Anyway, it’s just about having fun with your friends!





Q. We also see you are staying in shape because of the fitness sessions. Do these help you with skating street or other disciplines?

A. Of course. One of the biggest parts of skating is to learning how to fall. But also how to stand up after a big fall! And how to keep on going for miles.  I think that we all need to stay in shape, to be stronger, to keep on pushing the game further. We all learn through the pain!


I want to thank all the people who pushed me to continue! And never forget that it’s all about having fun! If you read that, it means you care a bit. Don’t wait to make our family bigger! 


Follow Jeremy on instagram: @marc9yver and watch him fly over the course if you are in Chengdu China on 28th October.






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