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On the way to the contest

On the way to the contest, an unexpected spot was found!

Lausanne – August 22, 2015 - Sevelin Urban Festival
It was 11:37am on Saturday when I arrived by train to Lausanne to join the other Rollerblade® team members. I knew the skatepark was close to the train sta­tion. After walking 15 minutes, I heard some noise from a microphone, which sounded like an event. I knew I wasn't far. I followed the noise and headed down the stairs from the train station. I stumbled upon a 20 stair, square drop rail on both sides of the stairs. This was the kind of perfect American drop rail that I’ve been looking for the past 15 years! Right then, I knew that I was going to be able to skate these rails. I was late and excited to meet with my Team Rollerblade® brothers and all my friends. I moved on and kept this perfect drop rail spot in my mind for later that day.

During the competition, I meet with my French friends who where also really exited by the number of perfect street spots around the city! I arranged plans with my photographer friend to go shoot some of the spots we found. With one of them which is photographer we directly plan to go on one or two spots around the park to make a session and shoot few photos. The RDV is fixed after Pro Qualification.

It was maybe 8pm and the qualifications were finished, so we decided to go back to the drop rail by the train station.  There where two photographers, two cameramen and three friends who just chilled and watched the skating. I was the only one who wanted to skate the drop rail. I put my blades on and switch into concentra­tion mode while looking at the rail. I measured all the risks and visualized doing tricks on this rail. The rail was really impressive and dangerous. 20 stairs, with a bank 20 cm on the right of the lan­ding, plus the rail was square which makes it harder to grind... The spot was really esthetic but very dangerous.

5 min after putting my blade on and looking the rail, i was alone on the top of the rail ready to drop. All the photographers, Mains Camera and friend were down rail and couldn’t see me arrive :

GLG : Are you ok, guys?
Photographers and Mains Camera (friends) : Yeahhh

GLG : OK !

Then i drop on a back royal to feel the rail. Right now the mental fight was started. It was between the rail and me. I can hear anything. I can only feel my body and the adrenaline which was growing up. I was fearing when i think about the fall i could do but also very exiting to drop a so beautiful drop rail.

Then the photos are talking better than me.

Top soul by Al Barbuto

Back Backslide by Al Barbuto

For each trick, it’s a new match between the rail and myself. It’s so hard, so tiresome, so destabilizing but make me feels so good. I know the feeling i can have during and after dropping a huge rail. This is my main let motivation!

Writen by Guillaume Le Gentil.






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