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It’s hard to believe, but it has already been six months since we had our last team weekend in Zug Switzerland.  Like always, this event was a lot of fun for everyone who participated.  Our next team weekend is planned for later this month in Prague.  The whole team is looking forward to rolling the streets of Prague on their Twister skates.  Indeed, it will be a great time to cruise through the city, meet up with the local riders, and visit some of their favorite street spots and skateparks.












1. What is your best memory from the trip to Switzerland?

2. How was your experience with the Twister skate in Switzerland?  Do you still use it at home?

3. What are you anticipating going to in Prague?






1. It's probably not my “favorite” memory, but 100% sure a memory I will never forget. It happened while we were taking photos in Basel. Dominic (photographer) was lying on the floor to get a good shot of some tricks. Suddenly he stood up and starting to shout that something was wrong big time. A heroin needle had gone through his jacket and into his arm. We all panicked.  This was something that you only hear about in stories.  We had never experienced something like this before. We ran straight to the car, and within 20 minutes we were at the hospital where they took care of Dominic. At the end everything was fine, but I think those were the scariest 20 minutes of his life.


2. In Switzerland I didn't get to use my Twister skates that much since I was driving the car. However, when I got back to Holland I started using them and discovered again the fun in just cruising the streets of my hometown. It's so much fun with these skates to go from point A to point B.  The wheels are so good you don't even feel the rough ground that you’re rolling on.


3. I'm really looking forward to visiting Prague. It's one of the biggest cities in Europe.  I've never been, and I hope we will have three nice days so we can do some great sight seeing on our Twister skates.






1. The most incredible moment was when Adrian killed the big ledge. I also enjoyed the night when we where skating around the Swiss streets. This all ended in a nice gipsy bar, where a sister of one of the guy’s started to dance on a chair! It was fun! I also enjoyed the waterpark. All of the different slides were lots of fun.


2. Skating the Twisters was not the first time using free-skates for me. But I enjoyed it a lot because of the good pavement in Switzerland. I think everybody knows that I use my Twisters a lot at home. Cruising in Eindhoven is one of my daily routines.


3. I really don’t know what to expect from Prague. Never been to Czech. But I like Eastern Europe so I’m sure I will like it. Even if it's not cool, we will be there with the whole team and that will make it cool! Can’t wait to see everybody again.






1. Best memory I have from the Swiss trip was the downhill in the mountains, because we don’t have any mountains like that in Belgium!  It was really fast and a thing we don’t get to do everyday.  It was also fun because we are aggressive riders, so it was really nice ride all together.  I also enjoyed the time we spent together getting to know more about each other, the visit to the Rollerblade® office and warehouse and meeting Rollerblade® manager, Sami Raiman was nice.  He explained to us more about the industry.  Stuff like what is our position in that big industry and what we can do to make things bigger. 


2. The Twister experience was really good.  I started to skate "big wheels" to recover from my knee injury a year ago.  Because of that experience, I'm still using the Twister skates in Belgium during the roller parade in the summer, or to go to the supermarket to get some food, or of course just to go somewhere because I feel like skating.  Good skate: fast, comfortable and skates unbelievably great on all kinds of ground.


3. I can't wait to rip Prague with my New Jack 4’s and also to cruise with my Twisters in that crazy city all together for the first time in my life!






1. The best memory for me was the night out with everybody on Twister skates.  Then at the end we ended up in a bar and showed our dancing skills on skates. Ha ha!


2. Yes, Twisters are very cool and nice. In Paris I use them as a mode of transportation to get around and to see friends.


3. It will be my first time to visit Prague.  I was told it is a nice city to visit as a tourist, as well as to do some nice blading.  Of course I’m looking forward to the parties and seeing the whole team again which is always a lot of fun.  I can't wait to take the Twister skate for going out at night.  It's a fast and economical mode of transportation.  Plus it’s a lot of fun with the whole team.






1. I really enjoyed the whole trip.   This was the first time for me to meet the whole team.  It was a very special moment for me.


2. I was very surprised by the Twister.  At first I thought it was a normal fitness skate, but I was wrong.  The shell is very good with great ventilation.  The frame position makes the difference, as the rearmost wheel is relatively forward.  It was extremely different than my street skates, but I really enjoyed them.  Since the trip, the twister is my spare bike.   I use them almost every day. They are so much fun to roll.  The downhill was fun as well, because I was not the only person.  We went down hilling with the whole team. 


3. I am excited for the trip to Prague. I love to be on the road and see other cities. It is great to get to know the different people from Prague and to skate with them at their favorite spots. It will be my first time visiting Prague. I cannot wait!







1. I can not really say what my best memory is because it was everything together: of course the skating, the swimming pool session in the biggest swimming pool of Switzerland and the night skating on Twister skates. Apart from the activities we did, it was very cool getting to know everyone on the Rollerblade® team better and better each day.


2. I went faster than ever before.  At first I was a little bit scared, but quickly it developed into a lot of fun. Combined with the nice location in Switzerland it was a great experience to go downhill on the Twister skates.  At home I did not know how I would continue to use them.  Now I use them for almost everything: to get to and from my work place, having fun with my girl cruising around, or I try to find street spots where I can film some clips. The positive things about the Twister skates are that they are easy to put on and take off, and you are faster than going by bicycle.


3.It will be my first time to visit Prague, so I am very curious how the people and the atmosphere will be. I am looking forward to nice skate sessions in the streets of Prague, seeing the city and having a lot of fun with the Rollerblade® team. I think it is going to be a great experience.








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