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Top 3 moments travelling around the world for skating

Cityhopper World is in production, so we took some time to chat with the guys behind this great project. Working; skating, filming and producing a project like this, is a great experience. But with great benefits also come some hassles. The star of this video series is Rollerblade® Ambassador Sven Boekhorst. Sven performs stunts and tricks on the City Hopper ramp around the globe. Besides Sven, there are two professionals helping him, Remy Cadier and Axel van Dijk. These guys capture everything and make it all look smooth as butter.

We’ve asked these 3 guys about their top 3 Pro’s and Con’s working on Cityhopper.

Cons of filming and skating around the globe
Sven Boekhorst (athlete):

  1. As an Athlete I have to perform the tricks. Most of the time, without warming up. Because it’s a guerrilla style operation.
  2. All the pressure for footage/tricks is on my shoulders. All the planning is done by myself, which is quite a burden.
  3. Sometimes things just don’t workout as planned. We are in a new environment and don’t really know the place. This can be very stressful because we all want to get everything out of this experience.

Remy Cadier (filmer & editor):

  1. A lot of stress on new and unique locations, especially with Cityhopper. It all has to come together: the ramp, the tricks, all the camera gear and angles. At a ‘normal’ shoot you have much more prep time.
  2. It is hard to find balance between capturing the trick and making the trick. As a filmer we need to adjust settings, angles etc. Sven on the other hand can lace a trick 1st try, and when he is in ‘the zone’ he wants to do the trick. This is all very hard because we are working with limited time at every skate spot.
  3. It’s hard to experiment with the point of view and creative angles. Sometimes you only have one shot on doing the trick and capturing it. My job is to choose an angle that will look good on video!

Axel van Dijk (film & editor):

  1. Having a bad seat on an airplane or car makes my butt hurt.
  2. I have a bad habit, which involves nicotine. I know it’s bad but it’s in my nature. Not having the opportunity to consume my habit makes me moody. Although in Russia I could do my thing in the lavatory. Salute to Russia, and big up to the cleaning lady with more gold in her mouth than an average rapper from the states!
  3. If the airline fails to bring your suitcase to your destination. Shining in the same outfit for 3 days isn’t my style.

Pros of filming and skating around the globe

Sven Boekhorst (athlete):

  1. Working on a unique concept like Cityhopper needs creativity. This is such a huge motivation to get everyone involved enthusiastic.
  2. With some projects we get the opportunity to skate places where nobody has ever skated before.
  3. The tension towards the release is great, it gives me an adrenaline rush. Watching the final version with spectators and the team is my cherry on top.


Remy Cadier (film & editor):

  1. Compared to normal ‘street-skating’ this is really something worth filming.
  2. Skating at unique locations such as: The Eiffel tower, on a military base, a navy vessel just to name a few.
  3. With a good budget, we can be creative and come up with ideas. 

Axel van Dijk (film & editor):

  1. Filming outside of The Netherlands. Don’t get me wrong I love my flat county but a different landscape for a change is lovely.
  2. AirBnB! A Hotel room is big enough for a bed and 1 camera setup. After a hard day’s work it’s nice to chill a bit. Put my gear in a nice spot, grab a beer and have some me-time.
  3. Meeting people with a shared love for skating. These peeps can show you the hotspots and guide you around. No hassle with navigation, subway lines, asking strangers for spots you have seen online. This is one of the best Pros of travelling for skating.


The crew is travelling and working on Cityhopper World as you read this. In the meantime refresh yourself with:


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