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Two of Europe’s finest aggressive inline skaters shredding in Barcelona.

A few weeks ago Greg Mirzoyan got a visit from rising star Jan Ebbert from Germany and an new “old” friend of Rollerblade®. When you see these 2 names you can expect some high quality video and pictures mixed with flawless technical grinds and hammers. The new friend is considered one of Europe’s most stylish skaters and we are happy to welcome him back to the squad. Please enjoy the read and the edit of Jan Ebbert and Guillaume Le Gentil.


Q. Guillaume you have been on Rollerblade® before and decided to switch back, can you explain how this happened?

About a year ago I decided to try something new, a new experience with a completely new brand. I wanted to experiment and experience this skate. I also wanted to help them with research and development. In that year I learned 2 important things. How to design a product; especially an inline skate. In all aspects, function, design and customer experience. And second what an open minded brand Rollerblade® is, I was really missing the brand, the team and relaxed atmosphere that came with Rollerblade®. In a certain way I felt that Rollerblade® accepted me for being Guillaume, I could be myself. That is what inline skating is all about isn’t it? “Simple” things like a “Rollerblade® weekend” made such an impact that I started missing those, every inline skater should experience a trip like this, it changed my perspective on inline skating. I also wanted to come back for the skates of course. I wear my skates so much; I need the most comfortable skates on the market. And from my perspective as an inline skater I need a versatile skate: I skate small spots with tech tricks, huge spots to put down some hammers and like to shred park and transition full speed. In a nutshell I just missed Rollerblade® and everything around it.


Q. Jan you recently moved to Cologne, from a small town village to a real city. Why did move and how does this effect your skating?

Well after I finished my school I moved to cologne 3 month ago, mainly for my study “Sportsmanagement and communication“. I also wanted to have more opportunities and diversity in my way of life, and for that you need to go to larger city. It doesn’t matter if it is for inline skating, sports in general, diet, culture, parties etc. I also wanted to meet more people who have the same mindset like me. I am also blading with many dudes Cologne, most of the time local skaters but I also try to host as many skaters as possible from other cities to skate with them. The scene here is big and the city offers a lot of streetspots and even an indoor skatepark for rainy days! Unfortunately it's not comparable to Barcelona…..haha, but still good. I only live here for around 3 months now, so there is still so much to discover.



Q. Guillaume you were staying in Barcelona at Greg's house, can you tell us how a day looked like?

Hé hé hé, I am laughing because each day is crazy! First when i wake up (generally I am the first) I go straight on the terrace and observe the city because the view is amazing, you can see a big part of Barcelona and even the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Then i surf the web a bit, check my mail and wait for Jan en Greg to wake up. Of course we take a breakfast for champs and consume that on the terrace. From that moment the real fun starts, we start discussing about spots and what part of town to hit. Occasionally someone starts ROFL about a dumb video on one of ours Social Network, usual stuff we all like to see hahaha. Then around 11:00 AM we leave Greg's flat and take the subway and travel out of old town Barcelona. When we arrive we skate the big wheels, I really love the Hydrogen wheels! We scan the area for spots and if we hit something we change our setup. After a nice session our stomach start to make weird noises and we hit a Tapas bar, to get enough energy and skate some more spots, and some more until the night falls. After this we go back to Greg’s place. Luckily Greg’s favorite pub is his neighbor, so now it is ours too! Such a nice place to chill it is hard to get out! Then it's time for shower, eat and chill some more! Ooops no not really, if we still have some energy left, we go out for a night session in the center of this beautiful city!


Q. Jan this is your first time in Barcelona. Was it as good as you thought?

Of course I heard a lot about Barcelona. It seemed like almost all my skate friends already had been here. And they all told me it was the best time of their life. So when I heard about this trip going to happen I was uber happy en excited! Before I arrived here I already saw so many edits and heard so much positive thins I was a bit skeptic, might even thought everyone was exaggerating a bit. But this already changed after the first day. Damn, Barcelona is really a heaven for skaters. Good weather, good spots everywhere and you can skate downhill all the time, what is just a lot of fun! Also as a tourist, Barcelona is one of the greatest places I ever been to. I love the city, especially the nice architecture and of course the people, from which you get good vibes most of the time. I expected that it was going to be good but it turned out to be insane!!! From day one I had a big smile on my face and really enjoyed every second. Our great host/photographer/filmer/ made it all even better…..I might even move from Cologne to Barcelona…….



Q. Guillaume how was it to work with Greg again? And how did you experience skating with new comer Jan Ebbert?

Working with Greg is just the most funniest and coolest thing I can do! We share a similar vision on images and clips, what is nice or stylish., We also like crazy positions like when you do a trick and you look like a monkey or a frog hahaha. We also talk about ideas of tricks or crazy things to make the photo of the clips crazier.  It’s just so good to work together again. Most of the time if we agree about a picture we start to describe of crazy animal I look like. We also do stuff very efficient it only takes me a few tries to make a photo or a clip perfect, such a good synergy.

Skating with new comer Jan, is so much fun because he is young and very powerful!
This guy is able to do a hammer trick about 200 times, a hammer trick with 3 switch ups! So if my calculations are right he is able to make 600 switch ups in less than two hours hahahah ! CRAZY AND SO IMPRESSIVE! We can also say that he grinded for more than 2 kilometers, éhéhéhé!

It is just really good to have fresh blood with you, it gives me a lot of motivation and inspiration.



Q. Jan what are you looking forward to in 2015? Any ideas/plans? My “list“ looks like this: -

1. Winterclash. I really love this contest so I'm not going to miss it next year! -
2. Going to Barcelona for my second visit
3. Organize a tour again
4. Organize a streetcontest here in cologne
5. Going to Roskilde (I have to go there!)
6. Xmas Jam/German Championchips in Hamburg .

There is a lot more I want to do. But like I noticed from the last years, I don't have to plan too much, there are so many great things which are happening during the year you would have never expect before. Best example is Barcelona! :)


Check out the video made by Greg Mirzoyan of these 2 lads in Barcelona.






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