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Winterclash 2016

Meet Jaro Frijn; Junior Winterclash 2016 champion.


Jaro Frijn is a young Dutch talented skater from Amsterdam, Holland. This friendly guy is born in 1999 and is skating for about 6 years now. Last weekend he took first place at the Winterclash held in Eindhoven. We had a chat with this young gun!


When did you start stunt skating?


I started skating when I was 9 years old, just cruising around for fun with some friends. After cruising around I started stunt skating 2 years later; and was hooked on it ever since. I am really skating on a god level for 3/4 years now. Rollerblade is my sponsor for almost a year now! My first skates are Rollerbladeâ too, so it all feels natural to me.


Winterclash is considered the biggest comp in the world, what your feeling about this competition?


My first visit at Winterclash was in 2014. I did not compete because it was all very impressive and huge for me; I just watched the competition and enjoyed the best skating in the world. In 2015 I could not attend because of our family holiday (Thanks mom and dad!). So this year we cancelled our family holiday trip and I was really focussed on competing the junior competition. I can truly say it is the best experience ever. The atmosphere is amazing, one huge family, and everyone cheers for each other.




You took first place at the juniors; please explain how it went down.


The qualification did not go as I wanted, I got tired very fast and did not land all the trick in my line. Probably the competition stress got a hold of me…Luckily I advanced to the finals; pretty soon I had my line figured out. That gave me some more rest, and I could focus on landing the tricks in my line. I also had a lot of support from all my friends who helped me with the tricks and line. It is a group thing, but in the end I was the one landing the tricks!


How did you prepare for the contest?


I took a lot of rest before the competition; I knew it would be a busy weekend. I think I did well, very well.


How do you feel now?


It all feels bizarre, winning the junior comp of worlds biggest competition. There are so many good junior riders. It is just crazy that I took the win. For now I will just chill and relax.


Thanks Jaro for your time and keep on shredding! Any shout outs you want to do?


Big thanks to Bob van Zutphen for his hospitality during Winterclash. I especially want to thank my parents for taking me to all the places and let me follow my dream. 







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