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Rollerblade Twister Edge X 2018 - Maxime Genoud

A few days ago we have dropped an edit where Maxime skates the all new Twister Edge skate in the streets if Lausanne. After that edit it felt natural to talk with Maxime about the Twister Edge skates.

Maxime, you have been skating the new Twister Edge skate, please share your first thoughts with us?
I used to skate downhill a lot, Switzerland is a great place for it. I was really excited when I received my Twister Edge skates. I was happy to see that they were produced with the Hydrogen wheels, which are durable and perfect for slides and offer great control and grip. The shock absorber is also of great added value for me. This skate is from the Urban line and they are durable and offer support like in an aggressive skate.

You skated the previous Twister skates, what are the major improvements on the Twister Edge?
I find the boot shell firm which allows you to have your skates tighter and to have a better control. The Twister Edge skate offers more support. More support and control are important for urban- or slalom skating.

For the new Twister edge skates, there was a focus on a better fit with the new groove increased shell wrap. How did that work for you? (explain something about the new premium liner too.)
The fit of the boot impressed me; I can really feel the skates have a better fit, which means better control and comfort during skating. The liner is one of my favourite improvements: Comfortable, and major support where you need it!


As a street and park skater you are used to high performance skates and tricks. We see you do impressive manoeuvres in the video. Research has shown the new Anti-Torsion Box offers even better control and optimal energy transfer. How did that show in the video?
Those skates are super responsive and react to every move you make. The Twister Edge is the most responsive skate I’ve ever skated. They turn really fast and allow you be precise with your lines.

The Twister Edge is a game changer in our Urban collection. Besides great control, fit and looks it's a versatile skate. The new V-Cut cuff allows for more quick turns and instant control right?
Totally. The flex of the skate is great. The V-Cut cuff offers more backwards articulation. I really feel the total package of the skates is designed well. This skate has a perfect balance.

The tricks in the video are huge and impressive. The gaps you did on these new skates went down pretty easy. Are the Twister Edge skates your new skate of choice for urban skating?
I really love the skates cause you can use them for downhill, I skate at the Lausanne's bowl with them as well, you can skate all types of terrain. The Twister Edge is the ideal urban skate for sure!








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