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Anywhere Everywhere

Maxime Genoud in “Anywhere Everywhere”

Take a look at our Swiss street atlethe Maxime Genoud in: Anywhere Everywhere, a  project he did with his partner in crime Geoffroy Dubreuil. In this video you see Maxime skating on 3 different pair of Rollerblade® skates, showcasing the mindset of: “Anywhere Everywhere”. We had a chat with these 2 guys.

How did you guys meet?
Geoffroy: I met Maxime on Tinder during a lonely night.
Maxime: Seriously, we met in Lausanne at the Skatepark 12 years ago when I started skating.

What makes working together so good?
Maxime: I have a photography vision of skating so I understand that I might have to do a trick 10 times to make it look good on screen. And I think we understand each other quite well, so it’s always cool to work on a project with Geo.
Geoffroy: The good thing about working with Maxime is that he understands the hardest trick isn’t always the best looking trick on screen. We both have a common idea on how the video should look, it’s isn’t a filmers point of view against a bladers point of view.


How did you come up with the concept of Anywhere Everywhere?
Maxime: I found the Coyotes in the Rollerblade Warehouse two years ago. I really wanted to do something with it. I spoke with Geoffroy and we build up this project as it is nowadays.

Where did you shoot for this video?
The main part of the video is shot in Solalex a beautiful place in the Swiss Alp's; An amazing place in the mountains, at only 1 and half hour from Lausanne.
The rest of the video is shot in Lausanne.

Was it hard to make follow shots in the Alp's?
Maxime: For me it was pretty easy.
Geoffroy: As we had only one pair of Coyote skates (the skates with three big inflatable wheels), I had to run behind Maxime, which makes it quiet exhausting sometimes.

We see you skating on 3 pairs of Rollerblade® skates ( Coyotes from the 90s, Twisters and Solo troopers ). Was it hard to switch between these skates?
Maxime: It’s was the first time on the Coyotes for me so it was pretty difficult to get used to it. For the others skates it was pretty easy. Living in Lausanne and having the Twisters is just the best training to get good at Downhill.

Maxime what surface do you prefer and why?
Anywhere, everywhere.







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