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#GmDiaries Summer Tour 2016

Rollerblade® proudly introduces: #GmDiaries. Greg Mirzoyan’s Summer Tour for 2016.
Probably you have been following us for a while and you are already familiar with Greg Mirzoyan. If you are just new here, you couldn’t have picked a better moment. We proudly present you: a world tour with one of Rollerblades finest athletes” #GmDiaries. Greg has been a rider with us for many years. He spends most of his days on skates. Either freeriding beautiful places around the globe, filming with the best skaters around the world or capturing the moment with his photo camera, Greg is a passionate creative on and off his skates. He recently released his newest signature skate: The Metroblade GM; a unique, responsive and lightweight skate: The brainchild of Rollerblade® knowhow and Greg’s experience and requirements.
Greg has seen a huge part of the world because of his passion. Now he’s up for his next trip, a trip around the world for 2 months. He will start in Canada the end of may and travels to: the United States,
Peru, Panama, Mexico, Japan, Korea, China, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany and France. Follow and visit Greg on his journey around the globe an be sure to check him on social media:
Rollerblade: http://www.rollerblade.com    
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gregmirzoyan.rollerblade  / https://www.facebook.com/ROLLERBLADE.INTERNATIONAL/
Instagram: @gorollerblade / @gmdiaries
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoRollerblade

Dates for the trip:
16-21 Montreal
21-2 USA
2-6 Lima
6-11 Panama
11-14 Mexico
14-21 Tokyo
21-25 Seoul
25-30 HK
30-4 Istanbul
4-7 Sofia
7-10 Bucharest
10-13 Warsaw
13-16 Hamburg
16-24 Paris
Concept Idea: Greg Mirzoyan
Logo: #GmDiaries: Vincent Asobo
Photos: Adrien Crasnault
Design: Kares Le Roy