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Catching up with Greg Mirzoyan

Greg is very talented person. His skating is flawless, photography on point and filming is sharp as a blade. What’s he been up to lately? We had a chat with the French guy.

Hi Greg, thanks for chatting with us. What have you been up to lately?

My two good friends Ben and Stefan came to my house on holiday, it was a great opportunity to catch up and shoot skating. I’ve been working on some video editing as well, as always.

You are living in Barcelona for a while now, how is Cataluña treating you?
I have been living here for almost 5 years already, it’s a good place for me to be.  Barcelona has a great and solid identity and at the same time I meet people from everywhere here, I couldn’t expect any better.

Barcelona is considered the skating capital of Europe, do you agree and why?
There are so many things that makes it the best place to skate, for a start the architecture is so versatile it would suit anyone, it’s a beautiful place and relatively cheap, there is the beach, an easy access to the airport with low-cost flights to every capital in Europe and it’s a pretty compact city since you could go everywhere on skates.

The past period you have been travelling a lot, where did you go?
Yes, I started this year with some exciting projects/destinations.
Apart from a few trips in Europe I also went to meet a friend of mine in central Asia (Kyrgyzstan/Kazakhstan) for a video project not related to skating, it was freezing cold but a great change for me. After this trip I went to Atlanta, Jacksonville, Orlando in USA and Medellin, Colombia for Rollerblade to shoot a bunch of different projects from Aggressive and Urban to Speed and Fitness skating.

Can we expect something special from those travels?
The Central Asia video will be finished after the summer hopefully (stay posted on this one). Some of the Rollerblade trip is online like the PowWow contest edit and Sean Keane’s interview, but most of it is yet to come. There will be interviews of all the Aggressive team, a Fitness video with Kacie Fisher and a documentary in two parts about Jorge Botero’s life (our Speed skater). Most of the photos I did were for catalogue use, I don’t know how much of it will end up online.

Can you explain how a typical day for you looks like?
I spend a lot of time writing notes and ideas, in order to do that in a different environment I go to the café down my house, this is where I put things in order, do my emails and stuff. When it comes to work that needs concentration like video editing, colour grading, Photoshop etc I go back home.

What skate setup do you skate today?
I skate with the Twister Pro as they come, I changed from the Fusion originally because we were stopping the production of the GM and X5 but now I’m loving the Twisters, it’s just a different fit, I like position of the foot in them and it feels great to skate 80mm again, I need to push a little harder in straight lines but jumping around feels easier.

You have been working with Rollerblade® finest team members and riders. How is that for you?
I’d say it opened up my mind. I didn’t use to like every single type of skating back in the day but now I manage to find interest in all of them and this is because I had the chance to interact with the best skaters from each discipline, I had the best introduction one could get.

Is there someone you really like to work with, and why?
I’m lucky enough to work with my best mates; Ben Brillante for a start is someone I have an excellent connection with. At this stage him and I don’t even need to talk anymore, we just make signs and sounds and we understand each other hahaha!
Stefan Zuber and Patrick Francisco are two guys I wish I was shooting with more often because of their great knowledge of skating and the fun time I have working with them. The NYC guys (Ariel Surun and Kyle Sola) are on the same wavelength as me so I’m hoping to get more stuff done in a near future.
Working with the new members of the team (Jorge Botero, Kacie Fisher, Sean Keane, Coco Sanchez and Kevin Lapière) was easy, they are good fun and motivated people, that is an important detail when you spend several days shooting.

We’ve seen a lot of footage from your hand, when can we expect you shredding the streets again?
This Twister Video was released not so long ago, maybe I will start getting clips with a skate from the 2016 collection when I get them in a couple of months.


What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this last month?
While I went to France I spent some time with my family and went skating with my buddies across Paris, see Patrick do a risky rolling on my Facebook page. (https://www.facebook.com/gregmirzoyan.rollerblade/videos/vb.240408932663747/829638713740763/?type=2&theater)

Thanks for having some words with us Greg. Keep on skating and stay creative, we love it!

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