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Greg Mirzoyan’s: GmDiaries compilation.

This year Greg Mirzoyan travelled across the globe to work on his personal diary. The name of the project is GmDiaries, Greg travelling together with the new released Metroblade GM. Luckily the experience is shared with us in 4 different episodes. In this item Greg proudly presents the compilation of the GmDiaries.. We would like to give some more insight in the project of our freeride athlete.


Q. Greg you must be proud of your new skate. There couldn’t be a better way for you to ride your signature skate around the world, how did you come up with GmDiaries and did it all went down like you had in mind?

A. I really wanted to do a backpacking trip; well organised but with room for improvisation and freedom. I believe I could handle a story like this, after all it’s very much my style of traveling in the first place. The only major thing I needed was someone to film so I was glad Ben and Sven could cover the whole trip and Augusto could cover the USA part which I was doing with Ariel. Everything went surprisingly well to be honest, I had support all the way from either the cameraman, my sister in Canada, the local Rollerblade distributors, some local skaters…  I had nothing to worry about.


Q. How did you make the selection of cities you visited for GmDiaries?

A. I selected cities I had never been to, apart from NYC, Seoul, Istanbul and Paris but there were on my way, it would have been rude not to stop by.


Q. Travelling for your work, and being on skates at the same time is a dream come true, could you explain the feeling it gives you?

A. It’s something that I’ve been doing for a while but somehow because of the travelling part it is never the same. I always get to learn new things so every project is a new adventure. I would never get tired of it - this is what I like doing the most.


Q. Being on the road must have an impact on your health, how do you keep in shape and stay fit for the GmDiaries?

A. Well staying fit wasn’t an issue as I was skating and jumping all across the globe for 10 weeks haha, but I sure had to be careful not to get injured which was my biggest worry. Regarding my health, I think at the end of the day it all comes down to eating well and getting enough sleep really, and I made sure I did that all the way.


Q. Did you do the whole trip on the same pair of Metroblade GM, and how did the relationship with your skates evolve?

A. I’m still skating the same pair! I couldn’t have had a better occasion to test them, I only changed the wheels once but that is normal considering the amount of slides and downhills  I’ve been doing.

The only reason why I’d change skates would be to have a shiny new pair to promote, but I’m happy with these for now, they have a story.



Q. Can you tell about the best memory the GmDiaries gave you?

A. I believe when I came from Chicago, USA  to Lima, Peru, I met Ben at the Airport and we spent these 4 next days in Lima skating, filming and meeting skaters, I had an excellent time over there, it was like a second start of the tour. Canada and USA were great but it was just a different style, a lot more social so I could feel the difference. I guess it repeated in Panama and Mexico.


Q. At the end we see you lock up your diary in your vault, is there something that didn’t made the cut, but you are still willing to share with us?

A. Ah you know this is just an answer to the people who asked me what the key is about. The key actually locks up the box which contains my dairies. This story is locked up now, i’m not planning on publishing it any time soon. Maybe someday when I get old…


Q. Do you have anything new for coming up we should keep an eye on?

A. The overall feedback is positive, you should always keep an eye open I guess ;)


Thanks Greg for being our adventurer on skates, and let us see the world trough you eyes. Until the next adventure!










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