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Inside the brand; the 2017 Rollerblade® marketing family

At Rollerblade® we would like our fans to know how we became the strong brand we are today. We started in the 1980 and introduced skates to the skaters from the past, present and future. Introducing skating to the people is in our DNA, and also for the people who keep on making authentic products for a true skating experience. Therefore we would like you to meet some of the best people in the industry. We proudly give you: Inside the Brand; the 2017 Rollerblade® marketing family.





First professional we would like you to get acquainted with is Sämi Raimann Go to Market manager. Sami has been skating since the late 80’s and was on top level since he started. He did demonstrations all over Europe and knows his routes in skating. As a former part owner together with his brother of the Swiss skate park “Hypnotic” he also knows how to run a business. Sami’s roots in skating combined with his business insights makes him a top dog regarding product and brand marketing, strategies to grow and achieve business goals, concept development, product- and sales coordination and overall planning. His development from a root skater to a professional which achieves his own, and the companies goals, makes him an important asset for skating and Rollerblade®.














The second player in the Rollerblade® marketing family is former world champion and triple crown winner Sven Boekhorst Marketing coordinator. Sven is a top skater from the 2nd generation (early 90’s) and has travelled the world to showcase his skill on skates. He earned his living with his passion since the day he started. Sven did shows all over the world, and nowadays does events for Rollerblade® and his own event agency. For the last couple of years he manages the Rollerblade® street and urban team, works on content ideas and is responsible for the production of mostly all videos. If you see Sven he is probably also working on his phone, social media and blog posts are also his business. But let’s not forget he still is a skater and probably we will see him in a video in the near future where he does the most innovative and craziest tricks on his Rollerblade® skates.











Content is key! Every brand knows this. Our content manager goes by the name of Greg Mirzoyan. Greg is part of the Rollerblade® family for about 10 years. Like all of our family members he is passionate about skating, and turned that passion into his daytime job. Greg knows how to turn some heads on his recently released Metroblades GM but also knows how to work behind camera. Greg is head of production for our content. Starting with concept development all the way to post production, either video or film, Greg makes sure the story we want to tell delivers on your screen. Like Sven he still delivers the goods on skates and prefers to ride his skates, while holding the camera in his hand.












These 3 skaters and business professionals took Rollerblade® to the number 1 spot where we are today. We keep on thriving to bring our supporters, fans and skaters all over the world the best skate products, events and content possible. Rollerblade® the original since 1980.


Next coming up Inside the Brand; Randy Ables, Kris Fondran, Danny Arlidge








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