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Compilation 2019

We can’t wait for 2020 to begin, but before we say goodbye to 2019 we would like to recap this year’s most memorable video content with a mash up created by Greg Mirzoyan. This video showcases great moments from Rollerblade® video content released this year! Let’s quickly review our top five videos produced in 2019. 

The “In Motion” crew meets up once again, this time in the city of San Francisco. Here they link up with Rollerblade® pro rider, and San Francisco local, Cameron Talbott. Cameron fills the role as the ultimate tour guide, and the boys get taken to everything from classic skate spots to abandoned coastal highway hill bombs. Watch as they skate past the colorful row houses, feel the breeze of the ocean, and take a moment to appreciate the insane backdrops at every location

In this episode of Danny’s Point, Danny Aldridge explains how to master a perfect slide on skates. He runs through the basics with Pasquale Mario. From there Danny explains the different kinds of slides and techniques to master the power slide and the parallel slide

As the sun sets on the day most of us head home for an evening of relaxation. However, a whole other crew is heading the opposite direction into work: The Nightshift. In this new video we see our riders head out for The Nightshift rolling through Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Paris. After midnight the streets become empty and abandoned; a perfect setting to hit the streets. We’ll find out if the old saying is true: The freaks come out at night.

Here you see the crew shredding through Malaga. Whatever your preference is: a casual ride with friends, a more performance oriented session, or an addition to your cross training, the Rollerblade® Macroblade offers the right skate for you. From 80mm 4WD up to 110 3WD your demands will be met. Check out the crew and all the different Macroblade skates and they takeover Malaga on a sunny day on Spain.

What does a day look like for a professional skater who has been in the game since the early nineties? Join us as we roll out with Rollerblade® pro rider Sven Boekhorst. He has been skating for the majority of his life. Both his passion for the sport and his drive to progress it continue to grow and inspire others. He travels the world meeting, new people and skating new spots where showcases his talents and the Rollerblade® brand.


These five videos are just a glimpse of our content created this year. Visit Rollerblade TV for more content to get inspired, learn about inline skating, and to improve your skills.