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Inline Speed Skating Season 2024: Introducing Our Three Teams

Speed skating has been a strong aspect of inline skating and Rollerblade® ‘s history.  In the late 1990’s and the 2000’s, the Rollerblade® World Team won several victories and podiums on the speed skating tour all over the world thanks to many amazing athletes. The national teams (USA, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France) made Rollerblade® shine too. 

In 2017, Yann Guyader worked with Rollerblade® to build a speed skating team again to continue this strong tradition. This year is the eighth season since 2017 that Rollerblade® will support a speed team. In fact, there will be three teams which will compete side by side on every field – marathons, traditional races on track and road circuit - all over the global skating community.

We are proud to introduce the Rollerblade® World Team first: Alicia Delhommais from France, Patxi Peula from Spain, and Matteo Barison from Italy, will participate to the World Inline Cup, the World Skate Tour, and the Europa Cup this season. The Rollerblade® France Team (Germain Deschamps and Charly Buchs) and the Rollerblade® Rolling Rocks Swiss Team (Nicolas Iten and Severin Widmer) will complete the team at some specific events. We wish them the best season, full of success, fun and victory!  See below for the race calendar to catch one of these exciting races! 


Rollerblade® World Team: Alicia Delhommais (France), Patxi Peula (Spain), Matteo Barison (Italy)
Rollerblade® France Team: Germain Deschamps (France), Charly Buchs (France)
Rollerblade® Rolling Rocks Swiss Team: Nicolas Iten (Swiss), Severin Widmer (Swiss)
Ambassador: Viktor Thorup (Denmark)


Rollerblade® / Hydrogen Pro (wheels, frames)
Armos (Skinsuits and sports equipment)
Rudy Project (helmets and sunglasses)
Twincam (bearings)
Mariani (custom boots)


2024 Race Calendar
March 22-24: Europa Cup Gijon (Spain)
April 5-7: Europa Cup Lagos (Portugal)
April 7: Berlin Half Marathon (Germany)
April 14: World Skate Tour Shanghai (China)
April 26-28: Europa Cup Gross Gerau (Germany)
June 2: World Inline Cup Funchal (Portugal)
June 8-9: World Inline Cup Rennes sur Roulettes (France)
August 10 : World Inline Cup Harbin (China)
August 17: World Inline Cup Bern (Switzerland)
September 21: World Skate Tour Pescara (Italy)
September 28: World Inline Cup Berlin (Germany)