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Rollerblade® Speed Team 2020 Forte 40

Forte 40? In Italian ‘forte’ means strong. 2020 is the year when Rollerblade® turns 40, and we are as strong as ever.

2020 is a special year for Rollerblade®: not only for the Rollerblade® Speed Team, but also for the brand as a whole.  This year we turn 40!  It’s an age when you can start to reflect on your achievements and take a look at the future with confidence. The future for Rollerblade® is being built by some fast skaters like Ewen Fernandez, Doucelin Pédicone, Quentin Giraudeau, and the two newcomers Bastien Lhomme and Fabio Francolini.

Fabio Francolini is one of the most well known figures of our sport, and one of the most friendly too. He won 10 World titles and many European ones. He has been a superstar of inline speed skating for more than 15 years now and is one of the leaders of the Italian team. He raced on the ice with success as well, finishing with silver at the World’s mass start in 2015. He knows what it is to be a high level athlete. He will be a strong support for the Rollerblade® team donning the yellow and black suits.

The team is also glad to welcome Bastien Lhomme. As a French team member, Bastien has lots of experience in traditional races. As the European champion, he had the chance to participate to the World championship last year. His goal in 2020 will be to improve his level with the team, to perform well in the marathons, and to win his place for the Worlds again. He will find plenty of support from his teammates.

Ewen Fernandez, Doucelin Pédicone, and Quentin Giraudeau have been part of the team for many seasons now. They captured several podiums and victories, among them the gold in Madrid, in Duluth , and in Paris. The trio is multifaceted, doing well at traditional races as well as marathons and longer distances. The veterans and the new skaters Fabio Francolini and Bastien Lhomme will undoubtedly show the meaning of “Forte 40”!