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The Lightning Collection. Let's Go!

Rollerblade®  Lightning skates are the perfect every day, comfortable molded skate. In the video by Niels Groendijk, siblings Poema and Indy get up for the day and get ready to skate starting with skating to their favorite coffee shop.  They showcase the Lightning skates’ four fun colorways and how user-friendly they are for getting to the coffee shop, farmer’s market or to skate through the city. 

Interested in learning more? The Lightning Collection is for anyone looking for a comfortable molded skate. This collection is reminiscent of Rollerblade®’s iconic inline skates with technical and functional updates.  It is available in three different versions: Lightning, Lightning 90, and Lightning 110.  


Lightning Collection Details: 

  1. Lightning (80mm wheels)
  2. Lightning 90 (90mm wheels) 
  3. Lightning 110 (110mm wheels) 
  4. Molded Skates
  5. Memory Buckles that are micro adjustable for a quick custom fit 
  6. Padded liner with shock absorber and Footboard Sizer
  7. Aluminum frames that provide durability and control 
  8. Brake comes in the box; easy to install on the right or left skate


Let's go!