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Zetrablade Elite

Zetrablade Elite / Zetrablade Elite W is an entry-level-to-intermediate skate. The comfort-fit boot structure, upgraded mesh liner and 80 mm Performance/SG5 bearing combo are ideal for maintaining moderate speeds; wheels are upgradable to higher-performance with skater proficiency. A secure closure system combined with the monocoque frame lowers the center of gravity for increased stability. Zetrablade Elite is an exceptional value for advancing skaters.

-  ENHANCED ENTRY-LEVEL TO INTERMEDIATE SKATE - Extra comfort and balance features for casual skaters on a budget

-  HIGH CUFF FOR ADDED SUPPORT - Durable shell makes learning how to skate easier
-  COMFORT PERFORMANCE LINER & BREATHABLE UPPER - Extra padding, engineered mesh and speed-lacing/closure system for enhanced fit
-  MONOCOQUE FRAME - Durable frame for a lower center of gravity enhances stability
-  ROLLERBLADE PERFORMANCE WHEELS - 80mm/82A wheels and SG5 bearings for better wear and moderate speed