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Rollerblade MICRO ICE G


0G122900T1C | Sizes: 18.5-21.5, 20.5-23.5, 22.5-25.5 adjustable | Colors: WHITE/PINK

Micro Ice skates take a lot of the frustration out of the ice skating experience for parents and kids alike. The Micro Ice is a 4 size adjustable skate with an easy to use push-button system allowing it to grow with the child's feet. It is a great value product kids can use for multiple years that parents can also share with younger siblings when the child grows out of them. Micro Ice skates are comfortable the moment kids put them on because of the well padded liner and supportive structure. These convenient skates are an ideal option from renting skates and provide a positive and enjoyable experience on the ice. Kids of all skating levels and abilities will benefit from the support, comfort and value of the Micro Ice.
• THE PERFECT RECREATIONAL ICE SKATE FOR KIDS featuring an adjustable sizing system, comfort, convenience and style. Kids of all skating abilities will benefit from its performance and versatility.
• ADJUSTABLE 4 SIZE FIT SYSTEM utilizes an easy to use push-button mechanism enabling the skates to grow with the childs feet. Kids and parents will benefit from its function and convenience.
• SUPPORT AND STABILITY is provided by the lightweight Micro structure and enables the perfect amount of forward flex and comfort for gliding around the rink or pond.
• COMFORTABLE LINER AND PRECISE FIT with a locking buckle, strap & lace closure system ensure feet stay warm, comfy and cozy for longer skating sessions
• STAINLESS STEEL BLADES hold their edge longer, prevent rusting and deliver consistent performance with minimal maintenance (factory presharpened)


Micro, 4 size push-button adjustable, lightweight


Padded liner with velvet


Cuff buckle, 45° powerstrap and laces