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Aura Quintana wins the World Cup of L'Aquila

The Rollerblade Speed Team was in L’Aquila last weekend to participate to the Internazionale d’Italia Open organized by the CPGA and the WIC marathon in the same city. Alicia Delhommais and Matteo Barison had the chance to host special guests for this three days of competition: the Rollerblade Spain team of Desliza Vitoria with Aura Quintana, Patxi Peula, Rafael Heredia and Marcos Vicos Deus.

It was an intense weekend of races with some world level competitors from Italy, Germany, France, Belgium. Aura and Alicia were unlucky on the first day of competition on the track: they both felt while they were in the first places of the peloton. The men did some good races, and Patxi managed to win the bronze medal of the 10k elimination race on day 2. Moreover, the six Rollerblade Speed Team members developed a real team spirit and shared their experiences and knowledge to push everyone further.

The show continued during the marathon on the last day of competition. On the long straight lines and under very high temperatures, Aura Quintana realized a top level performance. “When I watched the boys race, I understood that ours would be hard: they seemed to suffer a lot from the heat and I need to thank my companions from giving me water supplies during the race” she said. Aura managed to jump into the good break and to control the final sprint until the line. This is her first WIC victory this season, and that’s wonderful. Alicia arrived close after to complete this perfect 42k.

The team wants to thank the CPGA local club for their warm welcome and the organization of these intense days of races. They also had the opportunity to meet Davide Mariani, one of our main sponsors, who made some molds for them. Now the season continues: Patxi recently flew with the Spanish Team to Birmingham, Alabama, to participate to the World Games 2022 this weekend: we wish him a very good competition!