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Top Speed on the Rollerblade® Twister Edge

Gabe Holm:  Top Speed on the Rollerblade® Twister Edge

The new Rollerblade® Twister Edge is about to hit shops soon.  This versatile skate is a real game changer, and this video of Gabe Holm is about to show you how.

Q. Gabe, you’ve been in the inline game for quite a while.  Currently you are skating the NEW Rollerblade® Twister Edge skates. As a true downhill speed skater how did the Twister Edge skate meets your demands?
A. I’m really excited that the Twister skates got revamped. The new Twister Edge skates are rigid and much more stable at higher speeds, and they have metal baseplates for better energy transfer.

Q. In the first part of the video we see you shredding on a 3WD 110 Hydrogen setup.  Then you switch to a 4WD 80 Hydrogen setup.  Please share your thoughts behind this skate setup switch out.

A. The 4x80 setup is what got me into urban skating and then into downhill, so it was great to give it a shot again. On this set up you have lower center of gravity and more maneuverability.  This makes it easy to jump, slide, and manual, but the 4x80 is not as fast.

Q. We know you like to go fast and now you have switched back to a new and fresh 3WD 110 Hydrogen setup. Fully protected, you bombed down a massive downhill at the Maryhill Windwalk in the USA. You took the win and reached over 50mph (80 kph). How was that experience for you?
A. The 3x110’s are awesome and stable enough for me up to 50mph. I love the deeper carving you get on bigger wheels, and it felt that I could exit turns easier with more speed than on smaller wheels.

Q. We believe the NEW Twister Edge is game changer. The anti-torsion box assures maximum energy transfer and perfect interface with every frame. Did you experience this design benefit while shooting for this video?
A. It seems to work very well and has been my favorite Rollerblade® skate to date. I was able to reach speeds over 80mph (128kph) at L'Ultime Descente on this boot, and set a new world record for inline downhill speed.


Thank you for your time Gabe. It is exciting to see you push your speeds to the limit on various Rollerblade® skates.
Stay safe and keep SKATING AHEAD.















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