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Rollerblade® 2020 Compilation

2020 has ended and we are starting fresh. Cheers to a new year.  2021 is here!

In so many ways 2020 was a year that no one could have expected or planned for.  Who would have thought there would be a massive resurgence of the inline skating industry and community.  From the increase of inline skaters and amount of time spend on inline skates, the growth was amazing and very welcomed.

Last year kept us grounded in a certain way.  We all spent more time close to home, at times confined to the indoors. Those times often made us appreciate the smaller things in life. Surely none of us will take for granted the freedom of wearing your inline skates and being able to go outside to roll alone, with friends or family.

We love to move freely and we share this philosophy in everything we do at Rollerblade®.
This compilation video of 2020 captures the essence of our brand and our sport. Stay safe, stay rolling, and move freely in 2021.