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Rollerblade®: Best of 2022

2022 was a year filled with some amazing times and some challenging moments, but overall, 2022 was a year with some great “best of” moments. The Rollerblade® athletes showcased everything our sport and lifestyle has to offer; flowing on the streets across the globe, fun, skills-building lines with the newest gen of skaters, ultra-fast races from the World Speed Team, and mind-blowing tricks from our “Blank” street athletes.

The Rollerblade® community came together at events such as The BMW Berlin Marathon, Northshore Inline Marathon, and Blading Cup. The energy and vibe from events like this showcase how strong, supportive, and outgoing our scene is across the world. 

The following video clips are just a glimpse of the content we created in 2022. We hope our products, athletes, and stories motivate you to keep skating into 2023. Maybe event bring a friend or two along for the adventure!