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Rollerblade® Podcast Episode 6 –  Learn About Our New Lightning Inline Skates, Nomad  Liner and Flow Frame

Coming from Viktor’s busy season of speed skating on ice, Danny catches Viktor up on what’s new from Rollerblade® including the Lightning Inline Skate Collection. The Lightning skates harken back to the iconic skate from the 90s with updated features and technology including the memory buckle, which, once adjusted, makes the skates faster to put on and start skating. Both the Lightning 90 and 110 come with the Hydrogen SE wheels which allow for speed according to Viktor. The Lightning 110 is designed for speed and is super light like the rest of the collection. 


The Nomad Liner gives you extra cushioning, more ways to customize the fit, antimicrobial (and anti-stink!) material, and relieves any issues with pressure points on your feet. According to Danny, the Flow Frame is made for exactly that – flowing on your skates on five wheels.  Viktor likens it to his experience of speed skating on ice with the rockered frame.  Watch the video below.