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Danny's Point: How to skate backwards

Danny has a huge base of knowledge about skating and he loves to share it with you. This time he explains how to master the art of skating backwards. Danny starts out with the basics of any new skills skating session: a pair of skates and protective gear. When attempting to master new skills on skates safety is key.

Now to start skating: Position of your lower and upper body are essential for a good balance and ride. This also goes for skating backwards. Make sure to find out over which shoulder you have to look, to see where you are going when you skate backwards. Most people have a dominant side they prefer to look over. Good sighting means better safety, control and a more comfortable ride.

Now that we have our gear and our sighting sorted out, let’s roll. Danny has several options for how to learn to skate backwards. Quickly watch the video to get going and remember Danny’s words: “Keep giving it a go until you get it!”