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The evolution of the Twister free skate

The Twister is an iconic inline skate that has been popular with skaters for over two decades, especially slalom skaters in the early days and free skaters in the last few years.   The Twister is a true classic and has evolved several times since its inception.

The story of the Twister skate started in 1999. The first pair of Twister skates was produced by Tecnica, Rollerblade’s® parent company. Tecnica produced high-performance ski boots and outdoor products and introduced a new concept for inline skates - the Twister free skate. These inline skates focused on maneuverability as one of the most important features.

The early Twister skates all featured a soft-look cuff that offers more flexibility for the skater. The bold colorway has been a characteristic of the Twister skates from the first release and can still be found today.


In 2003, Tecnica released the Twister Plus. This skate is still highly regarded in the free skate and slalom scene, and from this point the Twister innovation took a giant leap towards the Rollerblade® Twister skate that is known nowadays.

In the early 2000s, Rollerblade® and Tecnica further solidified their partnership with the creation of the Rollerblade® Twister Pro. This model was an upgraded version of the Twister that featured Tecnica's magnesium frame technology. The magnesium frame was incredibly lightweight and durable, making it ideal for high-performance skating. In 2005, the Twister was released in a full black colorway with Rollerblade® logos only. 


With the rise of freestyle and flatland skating, the Twister was seen on many skaters’ feet. In 2006, the Twister skate made another big change. To improve the supporting force, as demanded from the slalom scene, the Twister Pro with a plastic cuff was released. The cuff provided more support and incorporated a buckle on the top for even more control and stability. From this moment the harder cuff and buckle have been a significant part of the Twister skate and have also been well received in the free skate scene. More and more people choose the Twister skate as a means of transportation and a freestyle skate.  

In 2014, the Twister skate was released in limited-edition colorways. The striking and bold limited-edition green and red Twister for example made a powerful impact in the scene. In 2015, the removable lateral slider comes stock on the Twister skate.


In 2017, Twister changed the game with the release of the Twister Edge for urban skating with its new design, new fit, increased performance, and unmatched versatility. The Twister edge featured a never-before-seen new shell with an amazing new look and feel. For the first time the Twister is also available as a 3WD free skate.

The Twister and Twister Edge skate is seen a as great looking and comfortable means of transportation. With several releases in limited editions, the Twister skate is still one of the top contenders for a smooth ride across town and some slick moves while you are at it. The Twister Edge released some limited-edition skates in unique color combinations as well. 


In 2022 the Twister got an upgrade that received accolades from skaters on the improved, comfortable fit. The Twister XT comes with the new footboard sizer that enables skaters to insert the footboard under the insole to create a snugger, more performance fit or remove it for more room in their skates.  In addition, the lime green laces go perfect with the lime green accents. The boot and liner have an upgraded fit  for an even better feel and less pressure points and the neoprene toe box in the liner adds extra flex when needed. The new tongue in the liner increases support for the ankles and ensures a snug fit. The Twister 110 also has these upgraded features for optimal comfort and response.


The latest limited-edition Twister SE was inspired by outer space and features striking iridescent grey colorway. This futuristic look and upgraded features should inspire you to explore the space in your urban environment.

The Twister is a true classic and has stood the test of time. Keep an eye out for what the future brings for the Twister skate!